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  1. Kari B

    Other Upcoming tax changes for non US citizen question

    Hi everyone, ** I am well aware that this is not official information and you may not be a tax advisor etc, etc ** This may have already been asked but I couldn't find it using the search bar, so please point me in the right direction if it has. Like a lot of people, I had the email last week...
  2. Kari B

    YouTube Question The discussion tab/layout query

    I thought the ability to create community posts opened once you got 1000k subscribers. No, i haven't had a post option.
  3. Kari B

    YouTube Question The discussion tab/layout query

    I don't have, and can't find out how to get the community tab - I still have the old discussion tab on my account. I've clicked 'customize channel' and I don't have the little tog, top right, to open channel settings to get to customize my layout. I have over 1000 subscribers but I can't...
  4. Kari B

    Answered Andoid app not working

    UPDATE - I've updated the app in my play store and it seems ok now.
  5. Kari B

    Answered Andoid app not working

    This is still a problem for me, it will update the video data but not the subscribers or milestones. Where can I find the hotfix?
  6. Kari B

    YouTube Help YouTube studio editor sync issue

    On the editing board, it just shows 7.47m for both audio and visual, and when I preview it plays as it should. I might restore it to the original version and then edit it again in a week or so.
  7. Kari B

    YouTube Help YouTube studio editor sync issue

    Thanks, i was getting a bit frustrated with making plans and then having to cancel them because of the lockdowns, so I took a month out and worked on a bit of research and self-learning. Here's the video link, around 2 minutes just after the curtains close it has new audio but old visual...
  8. Kari B

    YouTube Help YouTube studio editor sync issue

    Hi everyone, firstly happy new year. I've had a break in December to come up with a new game plan now that we're back in lockdown 3.0. and I can't get out and film anything, so I hope that everyone is doing well. I have a video that was 9.25 minutes long, I uploaded it in September 2019, then...
  9. Kari B

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    My views started to drop Wednesday and continued to plummet until yesterday, my latest video tanked, ranking 10/10 and all my general analytic arrows were all pointing down. Today, views are back to normal and starting to climb higher and my analytics are back up. The US election had more air...
  10. Kari B

    YouTube Question Is it wrong to request subscribers on other channel videos

    When I've seen links like that in my comments I delete them and block the user if they do it again.
  11. Kari B

    Answered Tubebuddy not showing Keyword Ranking in Chrome

    There is a known issue with this at the moment. @Ikerot posted in another thread about tags completely disappearing; the team is working on it and it should be sorted in the next day or so.
  12. Kari B

    Editing Software Has anyone used VlogEasy?

    It's an app that makes vlogging easier by auto-cutting out dead space of your footage, so you don't have to - like an auto editor. It would be great for filming shorts if you're trying those at the moment.
  13. Kari B

    Opinion YouTube Shorts

    I post my normal travel videos weekly. I have started using the shorts in between to get a bit of interest; for example, I stayed at a holiday resort last week and made a vlog about it, but on the second night, while we were on resort, I made a 60 second short (very minimal editing - practically...
  14. Kari B

    YouTube Help Negative comments

    I used to just ignore them as it's all engagement, but someone pointed out that in the future a company might want to sponsor me, and if they see negative comments that I haven't dealt with, it might put them off - so now I either delete them if they are pointless spam or thank them for their...
  15. Kari B

    Opinion YouTube Shorts

    I have been using them as teasers for my next main upload. I've only done three so far, but the last one was getting normal views for a few days and then suddenly rocketed and was getting 10 - 20 views a minute (this is a lot for me), that lasted about an hour and now it's back to normal views...
  16. Kari B

    YouTube Question How to start affiliate marketing?

    I've used Amazon affiliate links for a while. I link any products I use in my video and it takes people to Amazon and they give me a small cut if they purchase something. Once you have enough subs (although they don't state how many) you can apply for a storefront so you have one link that takes...
  17. Kari B

    YouTube Tips How to get more watch time?

    The downside of this is if your friends aren't interested in your niche, say they're gamers or watch a lot of gaming videos and you're a beauty channel, it could encourage the algorithm to show your videos to other gamers because your friends really like your videos, but those people will...
  18. Kari B

    Need Advice Anyone used Drumitup?

    Now I'm hungry :laughing: From what I gather you share someone else's video on your social media, and then you can post your video for other people to share, so it's playing very close to favour4favour. You can pay to boost your videos higher up the search chain, which I assume is how they make...
  19. Kari B

    Need Advice Anyone used Drumitup?

    I see some people have had hundreds but I've only had one, straight after uploading a new video, I didn't need to delete it, YouTube must have shut it down pretty quickly because it disappeared - such a shame because she thought I was a 'really hot girl'
  20. Kari B

    Need Advice Anyone used Drumitup?

    Do you mean paying for YouTube ads? I've done ads on Facebook but not YouTube, I'll be honest I wouldn't even know where to start looking. I only did Facebook ads because they offered me a free £5 credit. Wow, you're handling it better than I did, I got really upset about it - but I was shiny...