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  1. Ritik Pandey

    News Channel News On Tube

    Welcome to Tubebuddy forums!
  2. Ritik Pandey

    Need Advice How do you drive traffic to your channel?

    try facebook grps, reddit and tiktok
  3. Ritik Pandey

    Answered Can't purchase Tubebuddy

    Hi, I have been trying to purchase TubeBuddy pro for over 3 days but there seems to be a technical glitch. I posted on the forum but no one replied. I also posted 100 times on the forum to get a free upgrade but I haven't been awarded that yet. Can anyone help?
  4. Ritik Pandey

    Video Research Experience with YT Shorts

    I'm actually an educational channel. Not sure how I can make shorts.
  5. Ritik Pandey

    Opinion How was your week?

    Amazing, i got over 40k views
  6. Ritik Pandey

    Answered Adding excellent tag alongside poor tag

    Yes i think it will work and not hamper SEO growth
  7. Ritik Pandey

    Answered Daily limit of 500 keywords

    I havent really got this myself
  8. Ritik Pandey

    Life Hows your day been?

    I got over 20000 views so it has been great
  9. Ritik Pandey

    YouTube Tips How to find ranked tags

    use keyword explorer and search your tags there. You will get that score.
  10. Ritik Pandey

    TubeBuddy Tubebuddy Success Story

    I recently started getting views and subs all thanks to tubebuddy
  11. Ritik Pandey

    Life Sharing ghost story

    One time my grandmother saw a ghost in her village, she was scared for days
  12. Ritik Pandey

    YouTube Question Translation question

    Not possible imo
  13. Ritik Pandey

    Answered Does anyone else use any of these in conjunction with TubeBuddy?

    I use only tubebuddy, its cheap and amazing
  14. Ritik Pandey

    YouTube Opinion youtube is cool

    Yeah I agree