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  1. Gunjit

    Answered Whats a promotion upgrade?

    You will be able to advertise your videos in the promotions tab
  2. Gunjit

    Paid promotion

    It depends on case to case and how the youtuber is working with the company
  3. Gunjit

    In Progress 'TB SEO score - videolytics

    Just look it up on youtube, I'm sure there are some tutorials about the latter
  4. Gunjit

    Answered TubeBuddy Keyword Explorer Tags Not Working. My video gets dropped 5 minutes after ranking.

    The ranking of your video can change at any time, Not tubebuddy's fault
  5. Gunjit

    Answered Are there any benefits of earning TB Forum trophies?

    They are mainly for flexing except the title ladder
  6. Gunjit

    Answered Rank in search

    No, Youtube algorithm promotes videos that people like to watch. It's upload date does not matter
  7. Gunjit

    YouTube Question When subscribers are online section not showing!

    If your channel isn't large enough then youtube isn't going to show some of the analytics, Because just remember it's not an identity tracking website lol
  8. Gunjit

    Answered TubeBuddy ranking

    They can change for any reason, Can't tell the exact one
  9. Gunjit

    Answered HELP! My posts were deleted from the promotions area and now it says I don't have the badge which I earnt!

    Don't panic. As it's the weekend the staff members are not active on the fourm they will get back to you as soon as they see your post
  10. Gunjit


    I think they do refund you withing 30 days of purchasing, I can answer better if you explain in brief
  11. Gunjit

    Answered Tubebuddy sponsored video

    After uploading the sponsored video, I just have to mail to support@tubebuddy.com or do I have to do something else also?
  12. Gunjit

    TubeBuddy TubeBuddy really provide growth

    Yes it does, Only if you know how to use it the right way
  13. Gunjit

    YouTube Opinion Running multiple channels on YouTube

    It is a great idea if you know what you can upload on the second channel
  14. Gunjit

    YouTube Question How do some of you make titles for your video?

    I try to make the title as simple as I can and try to include as many details
  15. Gunjit

    YouTube Question How can we check which country click Disliked video on Youtube?

    You can only check the country your viewer's are from, Can't check which people are disliking
  16. Gunjit

    TubeBuddy Suggestion sort by new

    You can try using the filters option for that
  17. Gunjit

    Answered Alternative payment option

    You should try and contact support about it, No one can assist with payment releated issues here
  18. Gunjit

    YouTube Question Not ranking

    Not about the question but you should try and improve your thumbnails
  19. Gunjit

    Answered Why I'm cannot login at TubeBuddy apps?

    Are you talking about the mobile app?