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  1. Manofgod91

    Video Review As a beginner editor and YouTuber, I'd like to hear some feedback!

    Hey Cristian, Understand I am not your target audience because I do not like watching other people play games (outside of reviews or pros) on youtube. So take my advice with that in mind. + I love your setup and I think its a good angle and the view of you while playing is great + I like how...
  2. Manofgod91

    Channel Banner Feedback Colour Palette

    I am no expert but my opinion is there are too many colors to brand with. Great for a theme but you aren't making a powerpoint or excel spreadsheet :) Personally, again no expert, but I just use army green as primary with occasional dark, dark grey as secondary, so a total of 2 colors.
  3. Manofgod91

    Thumbnail Feedback My new thumbnail - what do you think?

    I think the design on this is very good. Here is how to make it better though - as a Thumbnail, when you scale it down, its going to be super hard to read that text and super hard to see your face clearly. So as another poster suggested, put a black outline on the text (stroke its called) and...
  4. Manofgod91

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on Anime Reaction Thumbnails

    Overall I think they are very good. 8/10 Your facial expressions are great and the pictures are clear. Not too busy. To make it 10/10, I think you should take the backgrounds (everything BUT the anime characters) and either photoshop them out, change the colors to greyscale, OR blur the...
  5. Manofgod91

    Thumbnail Feedback Would You Click This Thumbnail?

    Hey judo, not responding to other posts but the one you quoted me in. When you posted the picture of the youtube thumbnails alongside yours, which one was different ? To me, they all look samey. This is not saying yours is bad because it isn't! Its over quite good. But I would ask yourself...
  6. Manofgod91

    YouTube Question How do you choose a video idea when you have a lot in your head

    Personally I write all my ideas down and pick whatever I am most passionate about in the moment to do. That way my quality is better. I did a video I felt would get many views but I wasnt into at the time and you can tell. I sound so bored.
  7. Manofgod91

    Thumbnail Feedback Constructive criticism

    Those are way better. However still too much ! You dont need channel name on your thumbs, just your logo is good enough for branding. The beta is your best so far but try to create contrast with the text and picture. Everything is kinda neon.. try to make only one thing neon and the rest muted...
  8. Manofgod91

    Thumbnail Feedback Would You Click This Thumbnail?

    I am a gamer and I'd scroll right past, especially if I didnt recognize the game character. It's not that it's bad, its just a little busy!
  9. Manofgod91

    YouTube Question How to become more comfortable in front of a camera

    One thing I've noticed for me is not to do videos when I am tired or stressed. They come off as me having a boring tone. But what I've been told is to hype yourself up beforehand in whatever way you can. My colleague takes pre workout. I will do pushups. Maybe caffeine will help? Also, what I...
  10. Manofgod91

    YouTube Question Spammers

    I think it just targets all new videos. All of mine have them too.
  11. Manofgod91

    YouTube Question Should I have copyright disclaimer on my videos

    Lol no one understands what the OP is saying. Let me translate for him: The videos he makes is of him playing a guitar to a real song in a video game. If you divorce the videogame from the guitar, its just a regular guitar channel. If you divorce the guitar from the videogame, the...
  12. Manofgod91

    Need Advice New Youtuber. Read FAQs, did research. Still confused.

    Love this. 6 months just to start getting organic views ? That's encouraging because then at least I know I am on the right path!
  13. Manofgod91

    Need Advice New Youtuber. Read FAQs, did research. Still confused.

    Alright ! Thank you for the response!! First, I agree about your civil rights comment. You didnt watch the video :) Side discussion, but I seek truth, whether it hurts or not. That's the point of my channel. My righties and evangelicals made this virus thing a partisan issue and it wasnt...
  14. Manofgod91

    Video Review Are my videos entertaining? Would they make you want more?

    Cuts are very cool! I do wish they were a tad shorter though. Like when you cracked two eggs. Just showing the one would have been great. Also, for a vlog I expect explanations. You aren't explaining or talking most of the time. It's just nice footage. So I feel like it's a little misleading...
  15. Manofgod91

    Video Review What am I doing right & wrong here?

    I like the video! Very cool. The popups in the beginning are kinda intrusive, though.
  16. Manofgod91

    Channel Review Would love to get feedback on my rocksmith channel

    Hey pal, I love your icon. I would capitalize on that more. I noticed some pretty big things that should be fixed for your channel, in my opinion though. Keep up the good work and you'll get there. 1. If it's a rocksmith channel, why doesn't it say that anywhere? 2. Titles are boring. In my...
  17. Manofgod91

    Channel Review How to take my channel to the next level

    Hey Steve, Taking a look at your page, I think the thumbnails are VERY good, the banner is awesome, the titles are great, the videos have the content you are looking for when you click on them. One MAJOR issue though in my opinion. Why would I subscribe to your channel? If I am looking for...
  18. Manofgod91

    Need Advice New Youtuber. Read FAQs, did research. Still confused.

    Hello all. Been lurking for a while now. I have done a lot of research on good strategies and how to create good content. Though I am still learning, I have a decent understanding of how Youtube works. .. but, of 16 videos, I have so tiny views. I don't expect a ton as I just started 4...
  19. Manofgod91

    Thumbnail Feedback What do you think about my new thumbnails? (old-new)

    Dude, just want to say your thumbnails improved tenfold from your post a month ago. These I would click for sure.