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  1. DevilByTheTale

    Need Advice Its okey if in one week i just upload one video ?

    Posting regularly has lost some of it's importance compared to what it used to be, but it is not totally irrelevant. What matters more is how good and engaging the video is (as it should be). Under the older way it was fine if you were already successful and had the resources to make it happen...
  2. DevilByTheTale

    Gear Opinion Creating videos with Unreal Engine

    After giving more thought on that matter, I'm thinking of doing that on a limited basis. First reason is that it gives me more practice. I created another model for a friend based on a drawing, and I had some fun doing it. More importantly though, everything to do with making quality 3D and...
  3. DevilByTheTale

    Gear Opinion Creating videos with Unreal Engine

    Thanks, but I'm not doing this with the purpose of selling. I did it so I can bring a level of immersion into my videos in the near future. I kind of had to do this because I'd already spent a lot of money for someone to make models for me (I've never tried making models), and the results were...
  4. DevilByTheTale

    Gear Opinion Creating videos with Unreal Engine

    Over the last couple of months, I've been working on transitioning to a 3D format making use of motion capture and Unreal Engine. Why? Because the possibilities are endless and I was limited in what I could do with the time and resources I had. Instead of having to rely on locations, sets...
  5. DevilByTheTale

    Editing Software More Info on Davinci Resolve 18

    You don't need those pieces of hardware, they are geared more towards professionals who can get meaningful ROI out of it. I'm sure they work well, but they are also very expensive. Everything can be done with keyboard and mouse.
  6. DevilByTheTale

    Editing Software Davinci Resolve Shortcuts

    Here is a good list. https://motionarray.com/learn/davinci-resolve/davinci-resolve-keyboard-shortcuts/
  7. DevilByTheTale

    What’s the best camera to start with?

    I'll echo what everyone else said, and just use a good smartphone camera. Another consideration to ask is, are you shooting indoor or outdoor? If you're doing indoor, make sure you have a good front light source like a ring light (I got decent one on Amazon about 5 years ago for $80). This is a...
  8. DevilByTheTale

    Gear Advice Web Cam

    I would definitely get one that does at least 1080p. If you want good performance, make sure it also does at least 60 frames per second (you can always drop it to 30 or 24 in post). I don't know what's latest and greatest, but I have a Logitech c922 that I got about 5 years ago. Taking a quick...
  9. DevilByTheTale

    Video Review Please review my true horror tales video , thank you.

    Not liking your own voice is something everyone experiences. It’s something you would just have to get used to. I hated my voice when I started my first channel, but I had no choice. Over time I just accepted it, but also worked on how to deliver it. I thought of how I would be talking when...
  10. DevilByTheTale

    Need Advice Talking about subscriber goals

    Just as Matt said, focus on the content. Make good content, and numbers will follow. That being said, it is not an apples to apples comparison to other channels or types of content. There is no standard timeframe for reaching this benchmark. Some have been at it for years and have yet to reach...
  11. DevilByTheTale

    Need Advice Accounts and channels

    You can do them separate, but it may better to have them under your main account. I believe the limit is 4, but I could be wrong. I had messed up my main channel long ago by posting different types of videos under the same account, so if you are doing something different, definitely do another...
  12. DevilByTheTale

    Gear Opinion Reallusion iClone

    Anyone have experience with iClone? I have seen some stuff online making use of it, and have been thinking of possibly making the jump if it could work for what I want. As it stands now, I don't have the time to do extensive editing for videos. Even now for this channel, it takes hours to edit...
  13. DevilByTheTale

    Need Advice How can I improve on my ORGANIC channel marketing strategy? This is what I'm doing now...

    I'll chime in with something to add about the "character" bit. How do you talk to your friends? If the channel is about you, then bring out more of you and your personality. When I started doing this with my first channel, it became easier to write and perform. I would even sprinkle some of the...
  14. DevilByTheTale

    YouTube SEO SEO

    Do a search for your video in YT, then check out other videos that are the most similar. Look at their tags and descriptions to see what is common, and implement some of that in your own. This is something Tubebuddy really helps with.
  15. DevilByTheTale

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Geico Pothole commercial parody. I had fun doing this, and will probably do more. View: https://youtu.be/fn0ZUq6bvb8
  16. DevilByTheTale

    Video Review Please review my true horror tales video , thank you.

    This sort of thing can be up my alley, and you can be really onto something with this. Here are some things that I pointed out for some honest feedback. Narrator voice seems a bit distorted, leaves odd gaps, and pans at times. Sounds like you are using a voice generator, so you can either go...
  17. DevilByTheTale

    Need Advice Promoting for pure entertainment?

    I get that, and I'm sure there is a lot of truth in what they are saying (I will try to check out the Vidsummit 2022 when I get the chance). The problem is that it is not the whole truth. For example, in gaming people are not in YT while they are doing what they want. The people are in the game...
  18. DevilByTheTale

    Editing Software What free software do yous recommend?

    I used Shotcut years ago on my other channel. The good is that it is relatively easy to learn and is good for quick editing. The bad is that it wasn't stable and was an absolute resource hog. Video render times were ridiculously long, even for 5-10 minute videos. It was incredibly frustrating...
  19. DevilByTheTale

    Need Advice Should you create another channel before 1st has 1K Subs?

    Pretty much what the others said. Focus on the things you want. I kind of killed my other channel (gaming) by including other things for pure entertainment and education like cooking videos and animal documentaries. The gaming channel has about 5000 subs, while this one only has over 100. I...
  20. DevilByTheTale

    Need Advice What is the Best Video Recorder

    There is also Streamlabs OBS which is a little more user friendly and stable.