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  1. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Opinion Have you gotten any attention this year 2020?

    My channel has been growing pretty well this year, thanks to more consistent posting, TubeBuddy work, and better SEO. Cheers to all y'all growing their channel!
  2. Goode Life Outdoors

    Entertainment Channel Hottest NEW Fishing Show on the PLANET

    Welcome, Joel! Glad to see another fishing enthusiast on here!
  3. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Question Does Channel Type Matter?

    I'm just realizing mine is set to "none." Any advice on what how to categorize a channel that encompasses different outdoor activities - fishing, hunting, cooking, and DIY projects? Entertainment? Sports? Education?
  4. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Help so many topics in one channel, Bad or Good?

    I've built my channel around a variety of topics - hunting, fishing, cooking, DIY projects - since it reflects my overall hobbies, and most align to the "outdoors" theme. I wouldn't call it a niche. I've found my cooking and projects videos are more popular than my fishing and hunting videos...
  5. Goode Life Outdoors

    Channel Milestone Just hit 50,000 views!

    This milestone feels really good. My subscriber base is gradually increasing, and my analytics are decent. My original goal was 500 subscribers by the end of the year, and it looks like I'll hit that much sooner. Thanks to my fellow YouTubers here for all the support!
  6. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube SEO How long it take for you to monetize you video?

    Many thanks! I will check those channels out, and will be in touch. Cheers!
  7. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube SEO How long it take for you to monetize you video?

    @Stanley Orchard , I just realized your locale and area of focus is similar to mine. It's awesome to see someone do well in a similar niche. I've subscribed to your channel, and hope to learn from your success. Keep it up!
  8. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Question How to become more comfortable in front of a camera

    I've always struggled with speaking clearly, without stumbling over my words. I still feel pretty awkward in front of the camera, after over 1.5 years, but I'm aware of my weaknesses, and simply do multiple takes until I feel I get it right. Even in the action of filming, when I can't start...
  9. Goode Life Outdoors

    Video Research What is the click-through rate of your videos?

    I'm right at 6.0% over the past year of videos. I've been as high as 10.2% and as low as 2.2% over that span, but month-to-month has been averaging roughly 6%
  10. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Question How many videos did your posted before getting 100 subscriptions?

    25 videos, and about 1.25 years after I posted my first video. I have seen much more consistent growth in subs in this calendar year as I've been consistent in posting once a week.
  11. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Question Views subtracted from a video?

    I'm promoting the video on Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram, but feel my viewership is fairly organic. We're not talking big numbers here, which is probably why I'm noticing. Thanks for the insight.
  12. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Question Views subtracted from a video?

    Ok, this happened again with my newest video. It showed 88 views first think this morning, then dropped it down to 80. Anyone else experiencing this?
  13. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Question Why do i get more views on Facebook compared to when post on YouTube?

    This is interesting. Can someone officially confirm - if we post a link to our video in Facebook, and the viewer lets it play in Facebook, it's not counted as a view in YouTube?
  14. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Tips YouTube Is Not Easy - Accepting This Is Your First Step

    It is DEFINITELY never boring! I started my channel because I spent so much time out in the woods, or on the water, and wanted to make some use of the waiting time. Most of those hunting and fishing videos haven't performed all that well for me, though, the ones I created for "filler" have...
  15. Goode Life Outdoors

    YouTube Question 2020 Youtube Goals

    My number 1 goal is to regularly post every week. My original target for subscribers was 500 in 2020, however, I may bump that up, since I'm gaining so well. If I hit 1,000 this year, I definitely won't complain!
  16. Goode Life Outdoors

    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    Awesome. I'm loading it now. Thanks!
  17. Goode Life Outdoors

    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    Thanks, I'll give it a shot. Do you find Rush an easier transition, controls-wise, for learning Premier Pro? My problem so far is that everything looks foreign, coming from iMovie - even though I'm completely familiar with other Adobe products.
  18. Goode Life Outdoors

    How do you store all the videos you create?

    I have an 8TB hard drive that I split between my Mac backup and video. At 44 videos, with raw and final files, images, audio tracks, and other random files, I'm barely scratching 500GB, so I have plenty of room to fill.
  19. Goode Life Outdoors

    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    I've used iMovie from the beginning. I want to learn Premier Pro, as I have and use the full Adobe CC, but haven't taken the time to really dig into it. iMovie is a really user-friendly interface, though I understand it's fairly limited. Any recommendations for your favorite Premier Pro...
  20. Goode Life Outdoors

    TubeBuddy Tips Getting free gear sent your way...

    I agreed to do a product review for an amazon seller, and that video review has been one of my best performers on the channel. Funny enough, while it's not a direct tie into my niche, it is a ring light that I have used for most of my monologue segments since. I do get requests to review...