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  1. fightthewheel

    Channel Milestone Half a Million

    Man that's f...ing awesome. Gratz.
  2. fightthewheel

    Need Advice Should I remove spam comments?

    Sometimes I get all those - "I want to be your girlfriend :heart::heart::heart:" & "looking for someone near you to XXX :kissing_heart::kissing_heart::kissing_heart::heart::heart:" and things like that.. I remove them straight away and mutes the user. I know they are bots so the effect is...
  3. fightthewheel

    Answered Anyone else lost their badge?

    Uhh... Now it's there... (Insert shaking head smiley) And then it's not. How come my badge is not displayed in replies? Is there a setting somewhere I need to change?
  4. fightthewheel

    Answered Anyone else lost their badge?

    For some reason my youtube channel badge for the Tubebuddy forums is gone. Has anyone tried that before? /Caleb
  5. fightthewheel

    YouTube Question Which app is best for thumbnail making?

    I used to use Canva.com. It's super simple to use and you can get pretty far. However, I found that some very useful features are missing from Canva, which is a shame. fx. one cannot add an outline to, say, text or image. You can also not skew or transform freely text if you want to get creative...
  6. fightthewheel

    YouTube Question Could video LENGTH impact CTR?

    Video length definitely impacts CTR, if my understanding of CTR is correct (Click through rate == how many impressions actually click on your video). I ALWAYS (except for a few weak moments) look at the length of the video before clicking it. If it's too long, I don't click it. If the topic is...
  7. fightthewheel

    TubeBuddy How many videos do yall update a week?

    Once every Sunday. I'd love to do more, but editing takes too much time, so I can't make it :(
  8. fightthewheel

    YouTube Question What annoys you as a YouTuber?

    2 things as a new creator. 1) That you need 1000 subs to monetize. I rarely subscribe to anyone myself. I do watch a ton of Youtube, also many videos from the same creators, but I just don't feel like "subscribing". I don't get the idea of it. The Like-button, I get it. You made a great video...
  9. fightthewheel

    YouTube Question Why did you start a YouTube Channel?

    I think society is broken. Most of us, if we really think about it (or imagine we had 100 million dollars), would rather do something else. So, for me, the state of current society is not good enough. I want to be free and I try to inspire my viewers to explore more so eventually they, like me...
  10. fightthewheel

    Lifestyle Channel 9 to 5 is the bane of my existence. I will break free or die trying.

    User name: fightthewheel Title of introduction: 9 to 5 is the bane of my existence. I will break free or die trying. Your name/ Alias: Caleb Where are you from? I'd like to say earth, but since we humans cannot work with that, I'm gonna say Denmark. A tiny country in northern Europe. How did...
  11. fightthewheel

    Editing Software Hi what do you guys use to edit for Youtube? do you do on your computer or phone?

    I myself is new to the video editing game. I use Adobe Premiere Pro. When I opened it up the first time I wanted to run away, but there is an automatic tutorial series that quickly guides you through the basics of the editor, what goes where, how to edit a basic video and stuff like that. It...