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  1. Kales Brown

    YouTube Question Have you had one of your videos go viral?

    Never viral, but I do have advice. I have one video about how to get free art supplies that I uploaded at the very end of March and it almost has 300 views, at the time I only had 50 subs and now I have 80, so a lot of views for a channel so small. The video grows in views daily and it was...
  2. Kales Brown

    Vlog Channel All Call for Art YouTubers! - Collab

    I checked out your channel and subbed. Dude, I LOVE the dinosaurs you draw. I've only drawn a dinosaur once for a school project but it would be a fun challenge to try to draw one again. Definitely let me know if you're still interesting in collabing once you get your editing stuff figured out.
  3. Kales Brown

    Channel Review Honest Feedback on my Channel Presentation?

    User name: Kales Brown Title of thread: Honest Feedback on my Channel Presentation? Self review: I've been uploading every week for the past 5 months, and 2 times a week for the past 3. I have the views, but not the subs to show for it, so I think maybe my channel presentation is off. 57% of...
  4. Kales Brown

    Channel Review I have views but low engagement and watch time.. help!?

    cut out any awkward moments between talking or showing your viewers what you're trying to, unless it is there for comedic effect. It helps to make jokes of whatever kind to keep people engaged. Also make sure you are being dynamic and lively in how to speak and act, monotone and not moving makes...
  5. Kales Brown

    Vlog Channel All Call for Art YouTubers! - Collab

    User name: Kales Brown Title: All Call for Art YouTubers! - Collab Age: 19 Type of collaboration: A drawing collab where we draw the same picture in our styles and compare on each other's channels. I'm willing to do other art related videos too Amount of Subscribers: 75 Ways to contact you...
  6. Kales Brown

    Vlog Channel An Art and Life Channel

    Hello there! I'm Kales, an art and vlog/lifestyle YouTuber. I've had my channel since 2016, but started posting videos in 2019. I've been posting consistently on a weekly basis since January. I do all sorts of speed paints, drawings, DIYs, crafting, tutorials and art tip videos on Fridays...
  7. Kales Brown

    Vlog Channel An Art and Life Channel

    User name: Kales Brown Title of introduction: An Art and Life Channel Your name/ Alias: Kales Brown Where are you from? Texas How did you find TubeBuddy? I had heard of it several times through various YouTubers. What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I wanted to meet new people who had...