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  1. DeadZombieGaming

    YouTube Help Chapters

    No and I’ve checked my timestamps and YouTube help for answers. I’ve even tried YouTube feedback and they never get back with me
  2. DeadZombieGaming

    YouTube Help Chapters

    I’ve already tried that but thanks for the help
  3. DeadZombieGaming

    Gear Question Best Editor App

    I just started using lightworks a week ago and was wondering is there better editing software out there that’s within a budget?
  4. DeadZombieGaming

    Need Advice I think I could make my new video go viral

    I think I know I have a video that has potential to go viral. Just don’t know how to get it into circulation with viewers. Can anyone give me advice?
  5. DeadZombieGaming

    YouTube Help Is This Normal? How can I boost my subscribers

    I have the same situation as you but my content got better and tried social media and they wouldn’t stick until I improved me SEO and that works wonders when trying to be found
  6. DeadZombieGaming

    YouTube Help Getting started with YouTube first 3 months

    Hi I’m fairly new to YouTube I’ve been uploading videos for 3 months got 3,000 something views is there something I’m doing wrong or is that good considering there’s a lot of gaming YouTubers out there
  7. DeadZombieGaming

    Gaming Channel New content creator

    User name: DeadZombieGaming Title of introduction: New content creator Your name/ Alias: DeadZombie Where are you from? Usa How did you find TubeBuddy? App Store and hearing about it What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Perks What would you like to accomplish with your channel: To get...