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  1. Phil

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Automatic Bulk Thumbnail / Title A/B Tester

    Thanks for the suggestion. You aren't the first to ask for this - some of our other power users have requested it. We love the idea but the problem is that it would take a MAJOR re-haul of our A/B Testing system to figure this out. But perhaps a compromise would be similar to what you suggested...
  2. Phil

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Manually arrange the order of canned responses

    Thanks for the suggestion. This is definitely something we can look in to. It's not the most complex task every but would take a significant effort to implement in all of the areas that Canned Responses touches. In the meantime, a hack to get around it would be to start the name of each canned...
  3. Phil

    Answered https://www.channelreviews.com

    Can you shoot me an email (phil@tubebuddy.com) with your information? I should be able to handle everything
  4. Phil


    As a quick update... we did review all feature suggestions this week and Bulk Pinned Comments was toward the top of the list. So it's definitely getting consideration and I do believe moving higher on the list. We want to knock out a few easier ones first but then hope to get someone on this. So...
  5. Phil

    Completed TubeBuddy for Microsoft Edge

    We did it! https://microsoftedge.microsoft.com/addons/detail/feaiphogcfmhkkbodjnmbjcbaeiikbbm
  6. Phil

    TubeBuddy channel reviews for youtube

    Thanks for all the feedback! Shoot me an email in a month (phil@tubebuddy.com) and I'll let you re-run it for free and you can check on improvement. Without tools like TubeBuddy, Channel Reviews and others, the data is all there in Analytics, just harder and much more time consuming to look and...
  7. Phil


    It hasn't been canned but so many questions about it have come up that we haven't had time to decide and move forward on anything. 1.The biggest fear is that YouTube might consider this 'spam' and potentially put your account in jeopardy. I know it's your own comment on your own video but what...
  8. Phil

    In Progress How-to link to several facebook pages through TubeBuddy?

    Try going to Facebook.com and logging out of Facebook. Then when you link your account through TubeBuddy (using the big dark blue button), it will force you to log in to Facebook and hopefully allow you to pick the other account.
  9. Phil

    In Progress A/B Test Thumbnail will not upload

    Hi James - sorry for the delayed response! What error do you get when you try to upload? You can also respond directly to me via email for a faster response: phil@tubebuddy.com
  10. Phil

    Answered Limit of titles and descriptions translations

    The limit is 50 per day. This particular feature we have to pay Google for each time we use it so if we have an "unlimited" option in the future, we'd have to start charging our users for translations beyond 50. And if we do that, we hope to automate things even more where you can do many...
  11. Phil

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Show my videos in Sub Feed

    As a temporary workaround... do you ever use our Thumbnail Generator? Even if you don't end up publishing a thumbnail through it, you can upload your thumbnail and skip to Step 3 and see what it looks like against other videos for any search phrase.
  12. Phil

    Work In Progress Amazing Feature Request Idea

    Well... funny thing is that we actually did build this feature, we just never launched it. We got about 90% done but for various reasons, never deployed it. The idea is that we add a little Twitter icon up in the YouTube header and it lets you know if there are notifications of people Tweeting...
  13. Phil

    Affiliate Question how to make coupon for tubebuddy?

    All of our coupon codes end in "Buddy" (RisingStarBuddy, NicksBuddy, etc). You can email me (phil@tubebuddy.com) with the requested code that you want and more details about how and where you will use it and we will decide whether or not to issue it. We usually do issue codes but just want to...
  14. Phil


    Here's the deal - technically, it would be possible. Here's the problem - we are worried that bulk/mass commenting across your entire channel might get flagged as a bot/spam/etc and get your account suspended. Here's the good news - we're talked about it a lot in the past but your message...
  15. Phil

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Replace a Video

    Makes a lot of sense. People have asked for a simple way to Copy -> Paste all meta data from 1 video to another and this takes it to the next level...
  16. Phil

    In Progress Keyword Explorer Issues with Chrome OS

    Weird! That's a new one. Does this happen with any other browser extensions? I tried to look up that error message and see it on other extensions but they basically tell people just to repair or re-install...
  17. Phil

    What Phone Do you have?

    iPhone 6 or 7. Basically replace my phone when it breaks. Hasn't broken in a while
  18. Phil

    TubeBuddy News Welcome Katie!

    Say Hello to TubeBuddy's newest team member, Katie! Katie joined TubeBuddy in early January as a Digital Content Strategist and is already having a tremendous impact. She will be in charge of all of our marketing, social media posts and brand message. We plan to become a lot more active across...
  19. Phil

    TubeBuddy News 2017 Year in Review

    Hey Gang! Back by popular demand is our Year in Review. We will announce it to everyone later this week but wanted to give you all a sneak peek. Take a look and let me know if you have any issues loading it. Thanks! Phil https://www.tubebuddy.com/YearInReview