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  1. tropicthunder

    YouTube Opinion Beside thumbnails and good title, number of views attract people to click

    This is from my own perspective as a viewer. When I saw a video on youtube whether it's on home page or suggestion tab, I click on a video which is interesting to me. Thumbnails is the first impression, then title, then also the number of views. That because I'm curious "why is this video have...
  2. tropicthunder

    YouTube Help What count as shorts

    You can read full info about Shorts here https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/10059070/get-started-with-youtube-shorts
  3. tropicthunder

    YouTube Help 4000 Watchtime means how much views

    I guess it varies depending on your viewers watch time. Let's say you have a one hour video with 4000 views, and all of that viewers watch your video from 0 to 60 minutes. So now you have 4000 watch hours. But if you have one hour video with 4000 views, and the all of those viewers only watch...
  4. tropicthunder

    YouTube Help Someone is trying to get my channel BANNED! I need your HELP PLEASE !!!

    This is one of the things that scares me about youtube system, this thing can easily abused. And the worst part is, most of the time the "punishment" comes from youtube bot, hoping that the owner reach to Youtube to resolve that.
  5. tropicthunder

    YouTube Question Does the youtube analytic error or something else ?

    As of right now, it's working again as usual. My subs display are back to normal
  6. tropicthunder

    Answered Can you search tags orderer by overall score?

    It's like that for now, if there's some kind of sorting tools for that, it would be awesome.
  7. tropicthunder

    YouTube Question Does the youtube analytic error or something else ?

    I just look at the analytic and the realtime view count missing from the last 24 hour, it also happen to all of my other channels. Also five of my other channels which have about 20-50 subscribers went to zero all of them. What's happening ? I know youtube occasionally deleted subs, but is this...
  8. tropicthunder

    YouTube Question Monetization????

    It varies, my other channel got approved about a week after applying.
  9. tropicthunder

    YouTube Opinion 3 months old with over 2+ BILLION VIEWS

    Yeah, I know shorts is not monetized, perhaps in the future or maybe not. But youtube says they give quite amount of rewards for those with high engagement. I guess this channel got one. https://support.google.com/youtube/answer/10059070
  10. tropicthunder

    YouTube Opinion 3 months old with over 2+ BILLION VIEWS

    I though it's impossible to reach millions of subscriber and 2+ billions views with a channel only 3 months old. Turns out it's real. MY GOD I'm so jealous right now. Look at the "About" tab, its "Joined Feb 25, 2021" with over 2,789,530,650 views, the oldest video is a month ago
  11. tropicthunder

    YouTube Tips Tips on verifying identity on adsense with government-issued photo ID

    I think you're right, I forgot about this tech. I remember when I use my copier for my ID card, there's some kind of text pattern on the background which is not visible on the ID card itself
  12. tropicthunder

    YouTube Tips Tips on verifying identity on adsense with government-issued photo ID

    Adsense said that I need to verify my account so I can withdraw, so I did. But it failed, two times. Google said that the image is blurry or low quality. I believe my phone camera is set to fullHD, the image is clearly visible and sharp, the text on the ID surely readable. I did that twice...
  13. tropicthunder

    Need Advice Skippable Ads VS Non-Skippable Ads

    I just turn on the non-skippable ads just to experimenting. Btw, are you sure that there are a 20 minute+ non-skippable ads ? Because I just read on google that it's only 6-15 seconds long. https://support.google.com/displayvideo/answer/9224914
  14. tropicthunder

    Answered Youtube Kids

    If I'm not wrong, you can't do both, so it's either only for kids or general audience
  15. tropicthunder

    YouTube Help Impressions are going up, but not because YT is recommending? Why?

    If I'm not wrong, one of the reason the impression increase is that a lot of people search for that specific contents, either from google or inside youtube search
  16. tropicthunder

    TubeBuddy Just upgraded to Pro and what a difference

    Not only that, I also learn new things, from a simple stuff to much larger things I could do with the SEO
  17. tropicthunder

    YouTube Question Adding your videos to playlists

    Best if you categorize your playlist depending on the contents and make sure you fill up the playlist description too. Also playlist could be show up on search result, so that's a good thing
  18. tropicthunder

    YouTube Opinion "Video Starts At" Rant

    I agree, also it depends on the channel niche too. But from my perspective as a viewer, I need to get straight to the point I was looking for. Some of the creator even said something like "if you like to get to the point, skip to X minutes", I think that kind of creator understand the situation...
  19. tropicthunder

    YouTube Question Channel URL

    Perhaps because you just met the requirement. My guess is about 2-3 days to show up
  20. tropicthunder

    Question Tubebuddy stars

    I want to know too, especially if they're really using tubebuddy from newly created channel to at least monetize or even better, verified channel. Also how long does it take for them to reach that goals from scratch compare to others that isn't using tubebuddy or similar extension at all.