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  1. talanajordan

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Hi there :) i just posted a new video if anyone wants to check it out! View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=KdmDMa4DIXA
  2. talanajordan

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Hi everyone! I am doing 12 vlogs of Christmas!! This is my most recent video from the series :) View: https://www.youtube.com/watch?v=ZLymoOyXe-4&t=19s
  3. talanajordan

    YouTube Help Will youtube stop promoting my content if my channel is made for kids?

    youtube does not really help out content made for kids since it cannot be monetized (to my knowledge) and there are no comments allowed
  4. talanajordan

    YouTube Tips Promoting Outside of YouTube

    how do you find good forums to use? is there a specific website that works well?
  5. talanajordan

    YouTube Question Youtube performance anxiety?

    Hi! After a while, you get more secure in your videos, and usually, you won't receive regular negative comments until you have over 1K subs. Your friends and family should totally support you with your channel!!
  6. talanajordan

    YouTube Question my subscriber reduced

    subscriber rates change a lot, it does not necessarily mean you are doing anything wrong but it does change a lot.
  7. talanajordan

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    i definitely agree that people were more distracted from youtube during the election since everyone was watching the news.
  8. talanajordan

    YouTube Opinion The 'DisLike' Button: What You Are Missing

    this is such a helpful post. thanks fo much for these tips!
  9. talanajordan

    YouTube Question TRAILERS - Should you have one.

    personally, my channel trailer has a lot of views and is a great promotion strategy. i think everyone should make one!
  10. talanajordan

    YouTube Help My subscriber not increase

    making more "popular" videos that people search for and following the trends helps a lot.
  11. talanajordan

    YouTube Question Best YouTube Camera for fitness & entertainment.

    i think that the best camera is the canon eos m50. i had the canon rebel t6 for a while and it was not a very good camera.
  12. talanajordan

    YouTube Question reupload

    you totally can if you think most of your followers have not seen it and still like the video enough :)
  13. talanajordan

    YouTube Question How many videos until I get noticed

    sadly there is no magic method to getting views or subscribers, it does depend on how popular of topics your videos are as well.
  14. talanajordan

    YouTube Question Should I upload 1-2 minute teaser videos on Youtube?

    from my experience, teaser videos do not work that well, but it does depend on your followers.
  15. talanajordan

    YouTube Question What do you find the most challenging aspect of YouTube (don't say getting subs or views)

    one of the hardest things is consistency with posting due to motivation since your motivation levels can change depending on the week. also since consistency with posting is so important, missing posting dates is not going to help your channel grow.
  16. talanajordan

    YouTube Question Do you find big channels overshadow your reach?

    i definitely feel that big channels overshadow the smaller ones, it sucks but that's how it looks. :(
  17. talanajordan

    YouTube Question Should I delete stagnant videos on my channel?

    i do not think it would make much of a difference deleting your old videos, especially if you like the video itself you shouldn't take it down just because the views aren't moving.
  18. talanajordan

    YouTube Question How long did it take you to find your voice?

    for me it took about 10 videos to find my first voice; however, my voice has changed probably 4 times since then since your personality always changing and growing.
  19. talanajordan

    YouTube Opinion Who else is doing podcasts on YouTube?

    i am thinking of doing a podcast on my channel too and i would probably make a separate channel just for the podcast and one channel for vlogs and other videos. this will help viewers watch what they want to see.