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  1. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 1,000 Subscribers on my drone channel

    Thank you to all my viewers and everyone who has helped my channel to reach the 1,000 subscriber milestone. Started the year (about three months ago) on just about 100 subs, so I am chuffed people have been enjoying my content. All the best in all of your own YouTube endeavors! Simon
  2. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 30k not bad :)

    NICE! 30k is bloomin' incredible achievment, well done.
  3. Flufffinger

    Audio Gear Rode wireless mic

    Yeah, I use the Rode Wireless Go and the in-built mic on that is more for inside use. Once outside you definitely want to use a lavalier connected to it which is what I do and it works okay (all of my outdoor speaking during my videos is with the Wireless Go).
  4. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 1,100 subscribers !! Thank you :)))

    Well done, that's a superb milestone :)
  5. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 800 subs achieved!

    Nice! The big 1k is within reach :D
  6. Flufffinger

    Channel Milestone 1,000 Views?!?!

    Awesome! Well done on 1k views.
  7. Flufffinger


    Great achievement, do you have a goal for 2021 or just waiting to see what happens?
  8. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone MOVING FORWARDS

    Its a fine start, and hey... another Mini 2 owner! Great job so far. *edit* watched your video, sorry I made a mistake I understand now you flew the drone but don't own it. Well, glad you had fun anyway lol!
  9. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 50 subscribers!

    Brill, your audience is growing. Keep it up!
  10. Flufffinger

    Channel Milestone My Channel Hit 80 Subscribers and 600 views

    An encouraging start for your first twelve videos, well done!
  11. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 300 Subs! Never would have thought

    Nice and your stats show you're growing steadily which is a great thing to see, well done!
  12. Flufffinger

    Channel Milestone Wow! 150k views

    That's fantastic, things seem to be going well for your channel! A great result for hard work, nice job!
  13. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 300 Subs! Thanks TubeBuddy!

    Thanks, maybe one day! Yep, my audience has been very kind to me :)
  14. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone 300 Subs! Thanks TubeBuddy!

    Thanks! I also appreciate the tips, the change to the banner in particular I agree with.
  15. Flufffinger

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 500 subscribers, and had a lot of fun so far :)

    Just last week my channel reached 300 subscribers so I definitely was not expecting to hit 500 so soon! It has certainly been hard work to make my videos interesting. And of course, TB has been a big help with identifying the best keywords. However, the fact that people do seem to be enjoying...
  16. Flufffinger

    Answered How do I increase my click through rate

    I do think thumbnails are key here. I'm afraid the example you shared is probably just too generic to stand out amongst a whole crowd of other Minecraft thumbnails that appear in people's YouTube feeds.
  17. Flufffinger

    Answered TubeBuddy Year In Review seems bugged.

    Good day. I was looking forward to using this feature when I found out about it (Year in Review), sadly it isn't working right. https://www.tubebuddy.com/YearInReview/Start Instead of creating a year in review for 2020, it is calculating January of 2021 and only Jan 2021 (while still calling...
  18. Flufffinger

    YouTube Question Do you get more attention if you are physically attractive ?

    Young, female and physically attractive. When you're the opposite of all three (looks in mirror), you really have your work cut out LOL.
  19. Flufffinger

    Channel Milestone Yay a milestone!

    Brilliant, well done on the achievement!