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  1. Relentluss Gaming

    Need Advice outro or not

    On most of my videos I do as Stanley said, just end the video with no notion that it is ending and send them to an end screen with the subscribe button plus a video and a playlist
  2. Relentluss Gaming

    Editing Software phone app

    Imovie is pretty basic, I started on that, then I switched to Lumafusion, total game changer, no problems with anything even up to 4k
  3. Relentluss Gaming

    Reddit Is REDDIT has a good platform in promoting videos?

    I got all my subs from Reddit so far, they are a very supportive community. Sometimes you see the sub4sub stuff, but 95% of the people there sub because they enjoy your content.
  4. Relentluss Gaming

    Other Social Media Which Social Media Platforms?

    I don't know if it is considered "social media" but I get a majority of my views from Reddit, there are so many subreddits for us to post under. I have never gotten any trolls, they are a very supportive community. Would try that for sure.
  5. Relentluss Gaming

    Thumbnail Feedback Update on my thumbnail on one of my most popular videos

    First one The bright orange is great, will stick out, you have your brand in the corner, and it clearly states what the video is about, reviewing a gaming headset.
  6. Relentluss Gaming

    Thumbnail Feedback My Revamped Standard Thumbnail Format is Now Complete!

    Amazing work! I like the black and white photos, it is your own touch that is not seen much and will definitely stand out. As for the Nick Nimmin copycat issue, I don't see that at all. If you look at the gaming community you will see a lot of videos have the same font and same color schemes...
  7. Relentluss Gaming

    What camera do you use for your videos?

    I use a GoPro Hero 8 Black for hiking or cemetery tours, if I want to put the camera down I have the DJI Osmo Mobile 3 and I use my Iphone XR so it follows me I if want to walk back and forth and talk.
  8. Relentluss Gaming

    Gear Question Macbook air 2020

    I have the 13' 2020 Air I3, as SILTHW said 1080 is ok but not if you are going to heavily color grade it and add titles and lower thirds to your videos, you will get a lot of stutter. As for 4k, I had to drop my videos to 1080, as it would freeze up and stutter horribly.
  9. Relentluss Gaming

    Gear Question Need help choosing a camera!

    I had an M50 for a month or so, it was a great camera, great photos and flip out screen for vlogging, but I traded it in for a Sony A6000. The A6000 is amazing for low light situations for both video and photo, you do lose the flip screen but I feel the quality is worth the loss. I picked mine...
  10. Relentluss Gaming

    Gear Question What's your next piece of gear?

    First is buy the HyperX for my commentary, and then trade in my Macbook Air and upgrade to an I MAC with something more than an I3 processor to edit my videos without stuttering.
  11. Relentluss Gaming

    Camera Gear So I am pretty sold on the Canon M50. Change my mind!

    The M50 takes amazingly sharp photos and the flip out screen is a bonus for any vlogger. Go for it.
  12. Relentluss Gaming

    Gaming Channel Small fish in a big pond!

    User name: Relentluss Gaming Title of introduction: Small fish in a big pond! Your name/ Alias: Brandon Where are you from? PA How did you find TubeBuddy? Nick Nimmin What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? To offer my opinion and hear others What would you like to accomplish with your channel...