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  1. EV Nick

    YouTube Question How often do you think a person should post video content? Detailed content.:

    agree with everyone i make more on affiliate a month than AdSense has in 4 years. Unless your hitting 3/4million views a month adsense is just a top up
  2. EV Nick

    YouTube Tips How Do You Let You Views Interact with you

    honestly some videos attract loads of comments some don't! However asking for a comment normally increases comments, I did a video recently on comparing 2 cars the old shape to the new shape and when i talked about a change i said "Do you agree with me let me know in the comments" then when...
  3. EV Nick

    Thumbnail Feedback Feedback on this thumbnail pls

    Throw a curve ball in here... why not hide the 7th one with a black picture in the middle with a question mark make it a little clickbait otherwise they know the answer without watching video
  4. EV Nick

    YouTube Tips Long or short intros?

    Depends on content sometimes NO intros, sometimes a 5 second short intro and others 10 seconds. However this is inserted AFTER I've talked about what video is about as a new sub just won't watch an intro if its the first thing they see and just won't carry on watching your video
  5. EV Nick

    Subscriber Milestone 10k

  6. EV Nick

    YouTube Help Youtube Short URL

    guessing no one knows?
  7. EV Nick

    YouTube Help Youtube Short URL

    Hey everyone when searching my youtube channel and clicking the link it gives URL https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA5BxqNslvqgVl61NvRTLjQ/ when clicking my channel logo in studio it gives https://www.youtube.com/channel/UCA5BxqNslvqgVl61NvRTLjQ/ however i have a shortend url under my account...
  8. EV Nick

    YouTube Question What do people think about hiding your subscriber count?

    i personally NEVER sub to hidden sub channels
  9. EV Nick

    Channel Milestone 8k subs in just over 3yr YT Birthday

    Wow i just hit 8000 subs only a week and a half after my 3rd year youtube birthday seeing how much i've grown compared to year 1 to year 2 i've DOUBLED my views and almost doubled my subs WOW thanks Tubebuddy your tools are a TIME SAVER!
  10. EV Nick

    Need Advice Whats the #1 way you gained your subscribers?

    3 Keys to getting lots of subs quickly 1) CONTENT LOTS OF IT! 2) Niche content with a large audience who want to watch it 3) Luck
  11. EV Nick

    Gear Question Live broadcast

    SAdly not what am after that’s a switcher for multi cams same location I want multi cams pulled in
  12. EV Nick

    Gear Question Live broadcast

    Hey all I want to do live broadcast with multi webcams and be able to live edit which camera is on show. Simlair to TubeBuddy live streams what software can I use tried OBS but all cameras are different sizes if using Skype and zoom for example. plan is 3 webcams all remote so one UK one US...
  13. EV Nick

    YouTube News 235% CTR On this Thumbnail!

    whats the chart showing under this?
  14. EV Nick

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnail with Face or not?

    Done 2 examples of face and no face for you both SAME just with and without
  15. EV Nick

    Ford Mustang Mach-E Electric Car Review

    View: https://youtu.be/7E4rdNmzxAU
  16. EV Nick

    Channel Review Can you see an area of imporvement

    Added some more keywords to channel i don't think keywords in there have a big impact on search and discovery however taken the advise and added some. I post every Saturday, however i vary time if the video appeals to US and UK viewers i post 6am GMT however if its more UK based video ill go...
  17. EV Nick

    Editing Software What are you using to Edit with?

    Well i started with "shotcut" as it was FREE and gave lots of function you'd get in a high end editor. Now i use Prem pro 2020, my patrons cover the cost so helps but its easy to use, if i don't know how to do something theres MILLIONS of youtube videos of HOW TO. Also has a suite of built...
  18. EV Nick

    Channel Review Can you see an area of imporvement

    User name: EV Nick Title of thread: Can you see an area of imporvement Self review: I've worked hard to ensure i have a fancy banner, right amount of links to socials i want to grow but also that my thumbnails are eye catching and stand out even between other thumbnails can you see an area i...