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  1. zeista

    Gaming Channel Hello

    hai.. welcome..
  2. zeista

    YouTube Opinion Running multiple channels on YouTube

    i only have 1 channel, but my playlist categorize by interest.. 1 playlist for game, 1 playlist for computer, 1 playlist for review... right now i dont know what is better, is it 1 channel with many playlist, or make it to multiple channel...
  3. zeista

    Answered My Youtube channle was banned , can I move my TubeBuddy pro license to new channle ?

    may i know why your channel banned? what do you do wrong? i hope we can learn something from your case...
  4. zeista

    What camera do you use for your videos?

    i just using my mobile phone Redmi Note 8 Pro, and also , xiaomi yi action cam, for alternative angle (rarely used)
  5. zeista

    Mobile Gear Wht should i use to record screen

    i used my Xiaomi Redmi Note 8 Pro, i can record my screen , for the sound there is option to capture system or mic if i choose system, only sound from game that captured, sound from mic off. but if i choose capture from mic, the phone recorded all sound that come in from mic, so if i want my...
  6. zeista

    Gear Question Laptop for editing

    i used my laptop to edit video and work. basically if u want to use your PC or Laptop to editing / rendering a Video or 3D Design, looking for processor that have more core. simply 8 core processor better that 4 core processor. after processor, next you have a RAM at least 16GB then a VGA...
  7. zeista

    Editing Software Comment on video or Picture soft ware

    i think if u use video editing software, you can put a text any where you like and how long the text is. like i use premiere pro in a pc and in mobile phone i use powerdirector/kinemaster you can drag the area Text as big as you want and edit what font to use.
  8. zeista

    Gear Question Are you a Mac, or a PC?

    i use PC, because i like to built it from zero to a running machine, and if i had a spare budget, i can upgrade it what ever i want to be.... sample, like i start build a PC with 8GB ram, now i have budget.. then i upgraded it to 16GB, and in future upgraded to 32GB RAM its my target. also...
  9. zeista

    Channel Milestone I hit the 8000 views milestone.

    Hai Anita, Thx for your suggestions... I plan to schedule posting my video once a week. Btw, is once a week too long? Or I have to post some videos in a week?
  10. zeista

    Editing Software Hi what do you guys use to edit for Youtube? do you do on your computer or phone?

    I use adobe premiere to edit video on a laptop. I have Asus ROG laptop (i7) n there's no problem when editing. Using phone only for take videos... My Redmi Note 8 Pro
  11. zeista

    Channel Milestone I hit the 8000 views milestone.

    congrats.... i hope my channel can be like yours...
  12. zeista

    Channel Milestone I hit the 2500 views

    yeeey... congrats....
  13. zeista

    Need Advice Need advice for a giveaway

    good idea.... but have to think fair draw for the winner....
  14. zeista

    YouTube Tips How to get more subscribers

    hahaha... same with me... almost 2 week start, but just only 7 subs... still have to make another video that will attract another to subs.
  15. zeista

    YouTube Help 3 Reasons Why you're NOT getting views from YouTube search.

    Thx for the tips... i will try those step.