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  1. BrooketotheAshley

    Forum News TubeBuddy Forums are 1 years old today!

    A happy belated congratulations!
  2. BrooketotheAshley


    I'm currently a level 20 Mystic and I'm loving the game; I'm trying to go to an event this weekend so I can meet up with other players :)
  3. BrooketotheAshley

    Music What kind of music does everyone listen too?

    Pop, R&B, J-pop (let's throw in anime OSTs with that), game OSTs, rap, trip hop, neo soul,lounge, alternative, trap, edm and more @_@ I just like what I like and usually have trouble identifying artists by their music types these days. SZA | Babylon, Orange Lounge | Mobo Moga, Tackey & Tsubasa...