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  1. kallendiggs

    How Much Do I Pay For Rent in ... ?

    In Central Mexico, I live a 2 bedroom and 2 bathroom apartment close to downtown, and I pay ???
  2. kallendiggs

    A Life Lesson from England

    I share a life lesson from England that will help you either reach the finish line or start reaching the finish line!
  3. kallendiggs

    The American Dream Academy Review

    More Americans are working 2 full-time jobs to have the American Dream. Can The American Dream Academy help? I review the details of this free opportunity to help you decide if it's worth your time.
  4. kallendiggs

    The American Dream Requires 2 Full-Time Jobs

    Many people want to stay in the USA because they believe the best life is there. Many people want to immigrate to the USA for a better life. I bet they don't know the American Dream requires two full time jobs in 2022.
  5. kallendiggs

    Did You Consider This?

    It is the 2nd half of 2022 and many people do not ask this important question. Did you consider this?
  6. kallendiggs

    5 Studies Prove Being Bilingual Helps ... (Must See!)

    Many people become bilingual during childhood, while others become bilingual later in life. I discuss why 5 studies prove being bilingual helps you in several ways.
  7. kallendiggs

    3 Reasons Why Americans Leave California (And Where They Go..)

    I share 3 reasons why Americans leave California and where they relocate. Many are surprised that Californians move to this particular place.
  8. kallendiggs

    Making The Right Move Is Key

    In a world of uncertain times, making the right move is key. I discuss trends, considerations, and more.
  9. kallendiggs

    Discovering Healthcare Options in the Developing World

    I talk with YouTuber couple, Afrikan Dreamin, about affordable healthcare options in the developing world.
  10. kallendiggs

    US Expat Response to the State of America (In 2022!)

    Almost half of the 2022 year has past us and the state of America is more fragile than ever. Hear my response to the state of America as a US expat.
  11. kallendiggs

    Why We Live in a Developing Country (You Won't Believe It!)

    I share one reason why we live in a developing country and discuss the ignorance of the term, "developing country."
  12. kallendiggs

    A Conversation About Inflation, Life Abroad, and Education

    I had a conversation about inflation, life abroad, and education. I also addressed questions and comments during the livestream.
  13. kallendiggs

    Why They Chose Africa for Their Expat Life

    A black American expat couple discuss why they chose Africa for their expat life.
  14. kallendiggs

    The Mall Experience in Mexico

    Some people are curious about the mall experience in Mexico. I'll show you one in Queretaro that has a supermarket (La Comer, formerly Comercial Mexicana) inside of it.
  15. kallendiggs

    Why African Americans Prefer Life in Africa

    Many people wonder why African Americans prefer life in Africa. So, I talked to an expat couple that lives in Tanzania.
  16. kallendiggs

    3 Ways to Achieve Financial Security Abroad (#3 Is Underrated)

    Many people worry about their financial security when living a foreign country. So, I discuss 3 ways to achieve financial security abroad.
  17. kallendiggs

    3 Concerns About a Permanent Life in Mexico (Many Worry About #2)

    Synolve and I discuss 3 concerns about a permanent life in Mexico. Many worry about #2. Should they?
  18. kallendiggs

    The Tour of a Mexican Supermarket (Many Stores Look Like This!)

    Shopping is a big concern for aspiring expats. So, I give you the tour of a Mexican supermarket.
  19. kallendiggs

    One Afternoon in Mexico

    This is what one afternoon in Mexico looks like...
  20. kallendiggs

    What You Should Know About Mexico (In 2022!)

    I discuss the economy in Mexico, the concept of maƱana time, and much more.