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  1. CheapDreams

    Need Advice should I split my channel into two or more channels?

    I understood what you were saying, I typically do my videos with, is it worth visiting and how can you save money while visiting. or instead of going to this place go to this one. the plan was to make it all about the place and save the viewer money on everyday life so they can travel more as...
  2. CheapDreams

    Need Advice should I split my channel into two or more channels?

    thanks for the input. I'm very modest and never wanted it to be about me, but I will try to be more open to that style.
  3. CheapDreams

    Need Advice should I split my channel into two or more channels?

    I have been on the road filming nearly every day for 5 months straight causing me to have 6 terabytes of video to go through. the original idea of my channel was . "save money on the things that don't matter so you can spend it on what does matter to you" so everyday money-saving tips and...
  4. CheapDreams

    Channel Review Is my channel dying slowly?

    as a creator, you have to always look at what worked and what didn't work in a video I looked at least a dozen of your videos first looking at your most viewed ones and than moving on to your newer ones. in your most viewed videos, you had great sound effects that coincided with your bunny's...
  5. CheapDreams

    Video Review Is this video engaging?

    ill be brutaly honnest. the video got more engaging as it went on but not because of the content. in the beginning, you seemed uncomfortable and robotic luckily as the video went on and as you you're talking about your passion you became more lively and engaging. so my tips for you. lookup...
  6. CheapDreams

    Video Review Genuine feedback for my iMovie video

    I think that you have a great niche and with a few improvements, you will be well on your way to numbers that will make you very happy. your video editing skills seem pretty good just need some adjustments to your style. before I get into that I wanted to touch on this first because it probably...
  7. CheapDreams

    Video Review Love and inspiration for everyone on TubeBuddy ! I appreciate the feedback :)

    I feel like the speech volume is just a hair too loud compared to the background. on a side note. (i apologize. I know this wasn't asked but I hope it helps) in your dialog, it feels like you are emphasizing the wrong moments. I suggest listening (not watching) to some of your favorite speakers...