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  1. Jbrame

    Need Advice Doing SEO Wrong?

    I feel like I’m beating a dead horse lately. Doing the research. Snagging the keywords. Using all the Seo tools at my disposal and still can’t seem to catch a break. Feel like I’m running on all four cyclinders when it comes to my channel yet, just not seeing the views or the growth. SEO scores...
  2. Jbrame

    Subscriber Milestone It’s slow but growing

    Congrats...keep going you’ll make it. We’re all here fighting with ya daily.
  3. Jbrame

    Subscriber Milestone 3.63k subs

    It’s growing faster than mine. I can understand the frustration I think a number of us live this on a daily basis. Chin up!
  4. Jbrame

    Our Channel is over a Year Old Now!

    Hey Tubebuddy Community, thought I would post our latest episode here. Check it out if you have some time. Of course we appreciate Subscribers and Likes. Thanks!
  5. Jbrame

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    We're a year in on our channel, its slow growing, but constantly progressing.
  6. Jbrame

    YouTube Question Matching View Counts

    It might be that...but it fluctuates too...so they doesn’t make much sense.
  7. Jbrame

    YouTube Question Matching View Counts

    Yeah it’s probably some weird anamoly and I probably do worry too much about view counts at this point. Thanks for the feedback!
  8. Jbrame

    YouTube Question Matching View Counts

    So I have a strange question. My channels view counts seem to get into strange matching patterns. Currently right now my last set of video counts match...is this something common or is something funky with my channel? The last 6 videos are 17, 17, 22, 22, 17, 22. Been seeing these type of...
  9. Jbrame

    Other I could finally make my custom URL

    Thanks for the info! Was wondering if it took time or was immediate. I know we look forward to using it to help people find us.
  10. Jbrame

    Other I could finally make my custom URL

    Congratulations! We broke 100 today too! I have a question how long after you broke a 100 did it take for it to allow the custom url, we made all the other requirements a long time ago but so far no link to change the url yet? Did it take a few days?
  11. Jbrame

    YouTube Tips YouTube SEO: Hashtags and Youtube Links to Build

    We’re striving for our 100 subs right now for this exact reason, so we can get our vanity url! My biggest struggle though is getting that 100 subs.
  12. Jbrame

    YouTube Help What am I doing wrong? How's this even possible?

    Thanks man! We have two completely different channels...we’re entertaining, you’re motivating...just watched the video where you went out in the rain to go work out! That’s inspiring no matter how clean and crisp it is or isn’t. Just like I said earlier, focus on making best videos. Just focus...
  13. Jbrame

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    I think this is what you mean. If not I might need to open the forum on my pc later and try this.
  14. Jbrame

    YouTube Help What am I doing wrong? How's this even possible?

    We just posted our 50th video this week and have been doing this since Mar/Apr. Our average views are not so great, we don’t get a lot of impressions from YouTube, some days only 20. So when they are only showing our video thumbnail 20 times in one day, we’re not getting a huge help from...
  15. Jbrame

    YouTube Question Question about background music

    You could use software that might help remove that from the video...the key is to remember not to have radio on in future videos or use royalty free music to cover over the background sounds that can help. I don’t get dinged so much on music in background as I have if we include a clip with...
  16. Jbrame

    YouTube Help What am I doing wrong? How's this even possible?

    Thanks for this advice! Sometimes even I need to be reminded that we’re running a marathon not a sprint. It’s tough when you pour your creative juices into something and see little return at first. We’re in the same boat...been doing this for 8 months, 50 videos and still barely see any major...
  17. Jbrame

    Channel Review Feel like Channel has Stalled out

    Our topic is pop culture and whiskey. Thats our two topics. Obviously that varies just like any topic, such as video games (different game each time) but other than that I can't see how to be any more precise than that. Currently we do a pop culture subject/whiskey each week. We are currently...
  18. Jbrame

    Channel Review Feel like Channel has Stalled out

    Thanks for the feedback. We post twice a week. Says it in our channel info, but maybe I should include it in the banner too. We do a call to action at the beginning of each video, that tends to be more recommended than the end, just in case they don't watch a video to its end. Also at this...
  19. Jbrame

    Channel Review Feel like Channel has Stalled out

    User name: Jbrame Title of thread: Feel like Channel has Stalled out Self review: I have been working on our channel since March this year. I have been using TubeBuddy since April. It seems like we are making quality content, good thumbnails and using TubeBuddy to get keywording and SEO...
  20. Jbrame

    YouTube Question reupload

    I know I wish I could update/upload with a edited video without deleting it and then change keywording and thumbnail but keep the stats.