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  1. SimbaHD_

    Upcoming Games?

    cool, i'll make sure to check it out.
  2. SimbaHD_

    Upcoming Games?

    hello everyone! Anyone know any cool upcoming games? The only ones I really know about are Friday 13th game. Tekken 7. Dirt 4.
  3. SimbaHD_

    Need advice for audacity

    I am also new to audacity but all the problems I had were easily solved by a quick search on google and youtube, im sure if you do this you will find your answer quickly
  4. SimbaHD_

    Is Skyrim Dead?

    Hello everyone how are you all doing today. I made this because was just wondering how many people still play skyrim and or find it as good as it was when it first came out.
  5. SimbaHD_

    The Never Ending Sentence [Continuous]

    while sneezing
  6. SimbaHD_

    Desktop Recording Software Needed

    OBS is the best your gonna get
  7. SimbaHD_

    Sub 4 Sub is now against YT TOS!

    Great news!