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  1. Sofie Sagacitas

    YouTube Help subscriber alert issue

    i also have issues whit the subscribers alert, i use streamlabs and i just bought for 1 year :(
  2. Sofie Sagacitas

    Thumbnail Feedback What ya think about this thumbnail?

    hello, looks nice the red i would change into a white color :)
  3. Sofie Sagacitas

    YouTube Tips How to gain more subscriber and viewers?

    Alright, am gonna check that out :)
  4. Sofie Sagacitas

    Other how is everyone day going?

    *makes ... damn where is that edit button :p:thinking:
  5. Sofie Sagacitas

    Other how is everyone day going?

    great, i was happy with my last stream, haahah YT meke's people happy :) xxx Sofie
  6. Sofie Sagacitas

    YouTube Question What was you biggest fear, to start a YT channel

    Hey guys I'm gonna tell mine ;-) well i'm doing livestreams and my biggest fear was at the 1' live was that no one would look at the livestream. And to be honest i thouth no one will :scream: but it's nice to realize that you get views, even build some subscribers After dealing with the...
  7. Sofie Sagacitas

    YouTube Opinion How I gained 700 subscribers in a month

    nice work :cool: CONGRATZ for that. Today i've got my 600+ subs and yes it give's hope :blush: lot's off work, but i like it, specially like a You Tube dummy like me :p i'm in between jobs, so i can put some time into the channel.
  8. Sofie Sagacitas

    Audio Gear Microphone Advice?

    am using a conference microphone, record the whole room actually :cool: was also a little cheap, but for now am glad with it
  9. Sofie Sagacitas

    Editing Software What photo editing software do you use? And why?

    am using Snapseed for youtube thumbnails
  10. Sofie Sagacitas

    YouTube Question Is advertising a good idea?

    Thanks for your insight :cool:
  11. Sofie Sagacitas

    YouTube Opinion Newbee

    Hello there 7 weeks ago i started with my channel I'm livestreaming 3 or 4 times a week about Tarot, and in weekend i upload a meditation music video. I've just invested in some light and i bouth a cheap microphone o_O Am i on the right path with my channel? Opinions and tips are very...
  12. Sofie Sagacitas

    Need Advice Who do u guys tell about your channels?

    yeah i did share my channel on Facebook, so they know now :blush: I just hope they dont watch the Livestream :p
  13. Sofie Sagacitas

    YouTube Question Is advertising a good idea?

    Is advertising a good idea with a small budget? I did some advertising for a certain video with a budget of 2 euro a day on Google ads Is this stupid with such a small amount o_O
  14. Sofie Sagacitas

    Entertainment Channel Hello from Belgium

    User name: Sofie Sagacitas Title of introduction: Hello from Belgium Your name/ Alias: Sofie Sagacitas Where are you from? Belgium How did you find TubeBuddy? on youtube What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Interest to meet other content creators and get to know more people What would you...