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  1. Mauro's Mission

    Gear Opinion Creating videos with Unreal Engine

    Your information is incredible and I own quest 2 and pico 4. Both VR sets. Thankyou
  2. Mauro's Mission

    YouTube Resources The BEST Ways to Take Advantage of your Community Tab RIGHT NOW!

    I feel it has tons of benefits for us creatures and smaller channels
  3. Mauro's Mission

    Channel Review What could I do to improve this channel?

    My dad never learned how to read notes but played and plays the best I’ve ever heard. He’s like Steve vai in his prime. I’m 42 so he’s 61 and I’d like to learn so keep your videos coming out but try and improve titles and hashtags after titles and description and hashtags area and a good...
  4. Mauro's Mission

    YouTube Networks Monetization for all?

    I believe there has to be a special challenge to get money off content so I don’t agree with one shoe fits all but everyone likes different things