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    Answered Split Testing Label Confusion - Can You Help?

    I use Split A/B Testing and I have a question I find the Labels Confusing once the Thumbnail test has completed All my tests involve a thumbnail variation UNTIL Statistically Significant So there is no completion until that's acheived There seem to be 3 results: A) Complete B) Complete...
  2. Z

    Answered How Do You Backup

    After 300 videos I'm beginning to think I should backup...Just in case But The files on Google are Huge! Any great suggestions on how to back up gradually has anyone else had a similar situation?
  3. Z

    Answered Struggling To Understand The Title A/B Split Test

    Ive ran several A/B tests on Thumbnails and that's all good BUT Where I should look for potential videos that need a split test on the Title. Eg in I go to the analytics, do I want old videos with low impressions? Should they have some traffic in the first place or should I do it to videos that...
  4. Z

    My Biggest Question

    I have almost 350 videos and at least 100 of these have a huge value but are yet to be discovered, (that's my perspective) and are only around 1 year old. Although having almost 10k subs and averaging around 400 views on a new release within the first 24 hours, many of the older valuable videos...
  5. Z

    Answered keyword research broken?

    I've started using the keyword research, but the issue I constantly find unhelpful is a rating of 100 on keywords that have almost no traffic. could it not be clearer that the 100 rating is not helpful for keywords that have little or no views?
  6. Z

    Answered split testing

    When you split test on thumbnail CTR, on the winner do you take into account the fact the a thumbnail for recommended may perform differently to an initial release to subscribers?
  7. Z

    Answered Black Friday deal

    Will there be a black Friday deal this year?