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  1. blackbeltsecrets

    Channel Milestone 250K Subscribers!

    So happy to have reached 250K!! 1/4 million subscribers feels like a fantastic milestone and eager to keep going! It comes alongside 48 million channel views!
  2. blackbeltsecrets

    Subscriber Milestone 100K and Verified!

    It’s been a monumental and difficult year, but I’ve done it! I'll never forget how TubeBuddy has helped along the journey!
  3. blackbeltsecrets

    Channel Milestone First 1,000 views!

    Posting for my friend's daughter whose channel I help to manage! So proud of her for her drawings and new channel - please check it out! OpulenceDraws
  4. blackbeltsecrets

    Subscriber Milestone From 1 to 99, and 1 to go!!

    Just under a year - you can do this, guys! https://youtube.com/blackbeltbarrister
  5. blackbeltsecrets

    How-To Channel Introducing: My God Daughter's Drawing channel – OpulenceDraws!

    User name: blackbeltsecrets Title of introduction: Introducing: My God Daughter's Drawing channel – OpulenceDraws! Your name/ Alias: OpulenceDraws Where are you from? UK How did you find TubeBuddy? I'm a Moderator! What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? I would love for others to share...
  6. blackbeltsecrets

    Subscriber Milestone This is getting exciting!!

    Sure - actionable points that spring to mind: Modify the text on your channel banner so that it is clearer to read so viewers know exactly what you're about Add a trailer / video to your home so that new and returning visitors get an intro from you (people connect with people) Consider a...
  7. blackbeltsecrets

    Subscriber Milestone This is getting exciting!!

    Carve out some time and just GO FOR IT!
  8. blackbeltsecrets

    Subscriber Milestone This is getting exciting!!

    Thanks! Yes, takes commitment, I can tell ya'!
  9. blackbeltsecrets

    Subscriber Milestone 60 Subscribers

    Great news, keep it up!!
  10. blackbeltsecrets

    Channel Milestone MONETISED!!

    COMMIT! Just go for it and do as many great videos as you Can!
  11. blackbeltsecrets

    Video Review Movie storyline

    Thread locked, insufficient detail in both self review and review of other post!
  12. blackbeltsecrets

    Video Review point me put my mistakes so that i can make other videos more better.

    Thread locked - you need to review someone else's video!
  13. blackbeltsecrets

    Channel Milestone MONETISED!!

    Yes - actually my 3rd or 4th channel! Really great to reach that goal as it takes a critical mass!
  14. blackbeltsecrets

    Subscriber Milestone 22,000 SUBS! Thanks for the Award TubeBuddy!

    Absolutely amazing! You absolutely deserve it, your channel is great!!! Keep it up!