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  1. ScarTV

    YouTube Question Helps Youtube Shorts to grow your channel or destroy it for a Small channel?

    I take various parts from my long form videos and chop them up into Shorts, and post 1 per day. That might be beneficial for you. I definitely average far more viewers on my Shorts than long form content, as I think most people do. I definitely get a handful of subscribers from them as well...
  2. ScarTV

    YouTube News Watermarks coming to YouTube Shorts

    I like it! That's one good thing TikTok does, so it makes it difficult for people to just steal and rebrand your content.
  3. ScarTV

    Answered Keywords Explorer vs Seo Studio

    Keyword Explorer helps you find the target keywords you should be aiming for based on search and competition. SEO Studio helps you implement that keyword efficiently in titles, tags, and descriptions before you add the info to the video in your YouTube Studio.
  4. ScarTV

    Need Advice Blog To Support?

    If you take the time to learn and execute it properly, you can see some great results. In the same way people use articles to get clicks on affiliate links, you can do it to get eyes on your videos as well. Of course you want it to be similar. People aren't looking to watch a video about...
  5. ScarTV

    Educational Channel Digital Awasthi - Providing solutions to your Digital Marketing Problems

    Welcome to the community! Your channel seems like it can be very helpful. :)
  6. ScarTV

    Vlog Channel Hello everyone

    Welcome to the community! :)
  7. ScarTV

    Channel Banner Feedback how about this banner??

    It looks great! The arrow doesn't match to the subscribe button on a 1920x1080 desktop screen, but that's not a huge deal. Nice work :)
  8. ScarTV

    Educational Channel 10 reasons why we should eat Malunggay

    Welcome to the community!
  9. ScarTV

    Music Channel Hey guys! I make black screen Lyrics status.

    Welcome to the community!
  10. ScarTV

    YouTube Opinion One video 1000 views and the other 10

    The keywords could be a problem as groovy said. How differing are your keywords on the lesser viewed videos? The algorithm could also just not be pushing them yet if you don't have the authority for those keywords.
  11. ScarTV

    YouTube Question Should I make a return to YouTube!?

    You should absolutely return if it feels right to you. If you've been gone for a while, most people do a "Where I've Been" type video when they start making content again. Good luck!
  12. ScarTV

    Vlog Channel Gogoalex

    Welcome to the community!
  13. ScarTV

    YouTube Networks My Notes from the 'Expand Your Reach' Conference

    Very interesting note taking tactics. As someone with a poor attention span, the sporadic text pleases me :laughing: Thanks for sharing your notes! I hope some people can take some of them and apply them to their own work. I know I'll do my best to!
  14. ScarTV

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My newest video is the second installment of my first playthrough of Red Dead Redemption 2! Part 1 is linked in the description :) View: https://youtu.be/4v-bUNSiKKA
  15. ScarTV

    Lifestyle Channel Prompt Review

    Welcome to the community! I'd start with the pinned topics as some of them are very informative for creators. Afterwards, just find some discussions you'd like to take part in and create a dialogue or contribute in some way. See you around! :)
  16. ScarTV

    Thumbnail Feedback New banner

    I get the concept, but it's difficult to make out. Here's how I'd improve it: Move the gems from behind the text to the sides so your background is a solid color Remove the transparency from the red Add a white inner glow to the text Add a small white outline to the 4 icons below the text Hope...
  17. ScarTV

    Gear Advice Using my phone to video

    I glanced at a few of your videos and the quality is fine for just starting out. I would recommend finding a way to increase your voice though. It's quite low even at max volume. Good luck!