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  1. byyzeroh

    Automotive What is your dream car

    Would have to be the Impreza, got into cars purely thanks to rally Imprezas and the holy grail of rally cars (in my opinion). If I somehow was able to afford it I'd probably want to do a build as close to this as possible.
  2. byyzeroh

    YouTube Question Will changing title of video hurt performance?

    I have tested changing titles from older videos (older than 3 years) and I find updating the title on some lower view videos will somewhat help them gain more views. Although that could be down to changes in keywords in the title
  3. byyzeroh

    Channel Milestone 500k Views!

    Bit late with the post but still happy nonetheless :D
  4. byyzeroh

    Need Advice Should you create another channel before 1st has 1K Subs?

    A second channel for shorts or clips would be a good idea i think, I'm seeing not just the popular streamers but also smaller creators utilize a second channel to grow their main
  5. byyzeroh

    Subscriber Milestone Reached 53000 Subscribers

    Wow congrats man, always good to see hard work paying off :)
  6. byyzeroh

    How do you store all the videos you create?

    Having an external/portable SSD for not only my finished vids but also raw footage has become a necessity for me due to how darn big games can be
  7. byyzeroh

    Channel Milestone My first achievement

    Congrats :party::party::party:
  8. byyzeroh

    Let's count to 10,000 :D

  9. byyzeroh

    TubeBuddy Is free tubebuddy good?

    TubeBuddy is worth it regardless if you have the free version or a paid version. Its just such a useful tool for content creators and they have tons of different things to assist you when you need things like tag reccomendations.
  10. byyzeroh

    Editing Software Best Video Editing software/apps

    I picked up Vegas Pro 14 from Humble Bundle a few years back and found it to be ok to start out with. I do highly recommend picking it up when it appears on sale cause it cost me like $20 instead of $100+ ;)