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  1. FreeStyleKing

    YouTube Opinion Is your content bringing ANY value to your viewers???

    I like what you write, that makes perfect sense and as I see it this is how it should be naturally. For example on my channel this is the way how I've started and moved step by step. My channel is still the small one and I know that it is because of my niche and need for it in society in this...
  2. FreeStyleKing

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My latest video by using the shots made by my friend I made this video on the subject of freedom....It is inspired by the topic of freedom inside the dance and culture...Enjoy
  3. FreeStyleKing

    Process of making documentary series. What is happening when breakers meet in a nice place with DJ behind their back?

    So we are in the process of producing documentary series about culture of Hip Hop in my aria (Croatia) called "Old school HIP HOP session". For that we gather Rappers, DJ's, Breakers and graffiti writers to get the stories about how that culture was made and shaped in the past. Breakers until...
  4. FreeStyleKing

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    My latest video, some breaking session cut from the shooting we made for our documentary series. This is just some short breaking cut.
  5. FreeStyleKing

    Audio Gear Recommendations for good quality budget microphones?

    I use BOYA leveler mic and it is really good for low price.
  6. FreeStyleKing

    YouTube Help What am I doing wrong? How's this even possible?

    Hey there @Isaac_Ra most of the answers you allready get from other people from community, so I will agree with them completly. Just do your thing, produce videos regulary and keep your flow going. Make much more videos, but also keep your upload flow regular, don put them all out in the same...
  7. FreeStyleKing

    Audio Gear Better audio quality

    Hm, thanks, it is always good to gainbthe knowledge and go one step up. I grow out in the circle of musical producers so studio was not unknow to me even when I was much younger. But now when I do things like audio design I can undersyand sound much better. It is so cool when you actually model...
  8. FreeStyleKing

    Audio Gear Better audio quality

    I sync in post, that is my usual practice, but sound is coming much better. I've learned that audio production is as well needed as video so I'm keeping it like that in my work. Every audio recording before ti comes in Premiere it goes in programs for audio design to cut all higher frequencies...
  9. FreeStyleKing

    Community Channel Videos and raw cuts about breaking in Croatia and Balkan aria

    Thanks for your help, I've made it and now I'm completed my profile and elements in it. So now refreshed I can relax and enjoy the forum. Enjoy and have a good day.
  10. FreeStyleKing

    Camera Gear Does anybody use Canon 600D?

    Yes, I've researched a lot before taking this camera to see what can feet me the best, canon was a great choice because of magic lantern, picture with that upgrade is just great. So that fits my goals for the moment, of course as everybody I want to go on with upgrade and it will go with the...
  11. FreeStyleKing

    Audio Gear Better audio quality

    I've fixed that by buying BOYA lev. mic which is cheap and good quality and instaled on my phone aplication Motive Audio which is a grat aplication for sound recording made by Shure company. After that no more problem. Video I shoot with camera and audio with my phone. This is a good choice but...
  12. FreeStyleKing

    Camera Gear Is sigma 16 mm 1.4 the best lens for Canon m50?

    From my practice lenses are all different, there is a good quality ones and not so good. But your lens chioce depends on your video concept, you chose lens with fits your work. It is all about what you want to achieve with your shot. For example if you want bulry background you takw the lence...
  13. FreeStyleKing

    Community Channel Videos and raw cuts about breaking in Croatia and Balkan aria

    OK but how do I put that photo, link and all that? how it goes step by step. I ask that because I've tried and just cant do it....
  14. FreeStyleKing

    Lifestyle Channel Building our Container Home and setting up our tiny Homestead

    Wow @France Contained really interesting channel you got there, I've check your videos and in a fact I like the story which you building true it. Your story actually made me to subscribe to your channel and continue to follow how your progress with the work will go and which things you will do...
  15. FreeStyleKing

    Community Channel Videos and raw cuts about breaking in Croatia and Balkan aria

    Hey @Brave Starr how did you get this part ti shows under your posts? I would really like to know how to get that banner from my channel on that place...so if you can help, would be great.
  16. FreeStyleKing

    What camera do you use for your videos?

    I'm still on DSLR and using Cannon 600D and Nikon 3100, got to say I like them bout but want to get Sony a7 but for that first need to upgrade my PC to have clear work flow.
  17. FreeStyleKing

    Gear Question What's your next piece of gear?

    Wow in gear thing I just want to grow and grow so my list is actually big and still didn't defined on which order I will get it. So in list there is another monitor (for better work flow in production), new PC, Sony cam, lances 50, 80, and 200, mic for a good vocal and soft light boxes. But all...
  18. FreeStyleKing

    TubeBuddy How did you find us at Tubebuddy?

    Well, I was searching videos on YouTube related to SEO and seen more videos which was suggesting to use a tools from TubeBuddy, So first I was checking what TubeBuddy is and when I've seen that it has free version I decide to try it. And after installing it I use it for checking my things, but...
  19. FreeStyleKing

    Community Channel Videos and raw cuts about breaking in Croatia and Balkan aria

    Thanks for your reply, I think that your message could be done much better then the way you put it. For example, if you fill in your account ID on the good way, your YouTube channel link would be under every post you write. Then, if you write the post on the way you did, I'm sure that post...
  20. FreeStyleKing

    Community Channel Videos and raw cuts about breaking in Croatia and Balkan aria

    Thanks, I just put what I do, that is always the best thing if you want resoults. I'm catching all the rules and step by step getting all things figured out. There ate many diffetent things and rules here so I need time to get it all. If you got any suggestion about steps and the way how to get...