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  1. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone 5000 subscribers

    5k in a year! That’s crazy. Whatever you’re doing - keep it up!
  2. Fuzz

    Answered I could not sign in TubeBuddy app - Please help

    Can we please get an update? I am using Firefox and still getting the down for maintenance message - despite trying everything (clearing cache, log out back in etc...). I have thousands of bulk updates that are really important for my channel (needed them live for the weekend really) so just an...
  3. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone 100k Subscribers Milestone Dream

    Every YouTuber with 100k subs at one time had less than the rest of us.
  4. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone Double Milestones!

    Brilliant, well done!
  5. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone Hit 120 subs!

    Nice work, keep it up :)
  6. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone 650 subs :-)

    Well done, that’s fantastic.
  7. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone 40,000 Subs - can't believe it!

    Thanks everyone, appreciate your kind words :)
  8. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone Hit the big 60 and growing fast!

    This IS impressive! Congratz!
  9. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone 40,000 Subs - can't believe it!

    Its been a journey, thats for sure! But to be at the point where forty thousand people have decided to stick around my channel after watching some of my videos has made it all worth it. I can't deny that using TB and being part of this community has helped immensly in teaching me how to find my...
  10. Fuzz

    Subscriber Milestone 100K Subscriber Milestone Achievement

    Well ain’t that a crazy milestone! Big congrats!
  11. Fuzz

    How-To Channel BECCA EXPLORE

    Welcome Bella Becca, I wish you well with your YouTubing endeavours!
  12. Fuzz


    Welcome! 100k subs is one heck of an ambitious goal, but hey some do make it so hopefully you will too :)
  13. Fuzz

    Gaming Channel Hi everyone . New Gaming Channel focusing on World of Warcraft Classic and War Thunder.

    Welcome! Good you’ve joined us and I wish you well with your channel.
  14. Fuzz

    YouTube Question Revenue and monetized views disappeared

    Hmmm until youtube finalises the month’s revenue, the numbers shown are at best rough estimates and can fluctuate quite a bit. For earnings in February, the actual total won’t be correctly calculated until it appears in your Adsense balance about middle of March. Earnings from March won’t be...
  15. Fuzz

    YouTube Help YouTube views

    There seems to be some history to your channel that needs explaining I think before further thoughts can be given as to why you cannot get views. How do you have over 30k subs but only 1.6k total views?
  16. Fuzz

    How-To Channel Hi, I'm Joe from WHR Marketing and I'd love your support to reach my 1,000 Subscribers Dream! I'm an Arsenal supporter (please sympathise with me)

    Uh oh, an Arsenal supporter you need to leave now. Just kidding (I don’t even follow football lol). Welcome!
  17. Fuzz

    Audio Gear What microphone do you use?

    For the last few years I have used the original Blue Yeti which has been good. However, just yesterday I switched to the Rode Podmic which I am combing that with a GoXLR Mini interface and the difference has been quite astonishing.
  18. Fuzz

    Gaming Channel Husband - Dad - Gamer

    Hey. Sounds like you have an awesome family! I too am a husband, dad and YouTube gamer :)