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  1. SonicNebula

    Answered Tag tools is Gone!

    my tag tool not working :( neither is seo studio, it just hangs when i try to save.
  2. SonicNebula

    YouTube Question what's everyone's biggest headache on Youtube?

    a street team? that be nice to have.
  3. SonicNebula

    Gear Advice on the hunt

    I am on the hunt for free stock photos that is open to commercial use, I may buy some later on but I can't right now. budgets..... pixalbay is amazing but they are somewhat short on the cyberpunk scene. I just wondered if anyone had any leads. the next two albums I am doing is cyberpunk inspired...
  4. SonicNebula

    Declined Share on Instagram

    if TB allows me to share it? I dunno the TOS on it with Instagram so I am using it at my own risk. firefox addon Instagram plus DM, free version and a preimum. if im breaking forum rules dont hurt me. "Instagram plus DM" - literally what its called no edit button auto combine?
  5. SonicNebula

    YouTube Question My channel empty of subscribers

    Last point on the review of his channel. the niche he is doing he may get tons and tons of clicks but maybe not subs due to, being embarrassed. I love these videos but if anyone sees me subbed to a channel that shows women doing this what are they gonna think of me? lmao, its only a thought. it...
  6. SonicNebula

    Declined Share on Instagram

    i did find an addon that lets me post from my computer makes it so much easier
  7. SonicNebula

    Gear Advice Cloud storage

    cloud computing. you can even build one for free with amazon. I went with google not the biggest storage but its cheap and the tools and the way it shares. yeah...... I use one drive too but mostly for important documents. I found one ten TB but no software and they only wanted you to use your...
  8. SonicNebula

    YouTube Question My channel empty of subscribers

    thumbnails are good, SEO is good, you need way more videos, you also using content that gets a lot of clicks or should I say chicks. if you are going to be doing that put pictures of the chicks in the thumbnail and minimal text. I bet you get a lot of clicks just because you are showing off...
  9. SonicNebula

    YouTube Opinion The slow hardwork time consuming painful truths of growing a youtube channel by a rookie with a niche channel.

    I would like to say a lot of things, in just my three weeks of really going at this. I had the extra time because I took my vacation. Horrible vacation yes I love the fact I get to be home, but I had so many workmen work on my house it's not even funny a one-day job turned into a 5-day...
  10. SonicNebula

    Declined Share on Instagram

    I agree. Thank you, TB for trying. I understand there are issues.
  11. SonicNebula

    Video Review Need Help to improve the quality of Content

    totally with you man 110% I do not think we are debating or arguing at all we are just looking at one thing with two different perspectives which is the entire beauty of it we can both get something out of it. I would like to correct myself with my suggestion I do not mean an actual green...
  12. SonicNebula

    YouTube Question best things to put in default description

    I have a music channel and i have to use SEO at my advantage. I copy and paste off word documents, they change when artist or album changes. But Here is the difference. I state what I am doing I state what the video is I state the music, I think go deeper into the artist. Not only does this...
  13. SonicNebula

    YouTube Opinion Depressed about losing subscribers?? DON’T BE!!!

    very good post thank you, i also want to mention mr. beast did not make it big intill he had 118 videos(even at 118 he qouted he had little views as well)....... how he grew after that is up for debate, he claims thumbnails.... others say its only part of it. my theory it was thumbnails, seo...
  14. SonicNebula

    YouTube Question Subject SEO Section: backlinking

    First I want to say only post I found searching did exist but it is archived. I have several questions about this. They say YT and Google may work different but are very smiliar. The archive thread stated backlinking obviously works. So anyone that does not know what backlinking is short...
  15. SonicNebula

    Video Review Need Help to improve the quality of Content

    Depends on content in my opinion but i totally understand what you are saying. I suggest green screens because i know if i was streaming my background is not attractive, maybe if i moved my desk for the camera to face a wall so I can decor the wall based on games I love would be more authentic...
  16. SonicNebula

    YouTube Tips Promoting Outside of YouTube

    you guys are too nice, but thank you. i am researching on how to make them better with better software but its going to be my biggest investment.
  17. SonicNebula

    YouTube Question what's everyone's biggest headache on Youtube?

    I find that so surprising when food is such a big deal on YT. wow. YT needs to add food no joke there. But I can see why they would put it under blogging.
  18. SonicNebula

    Video Research Backlinks? Video advertisments

    side not to this is are you doing the ads or third party marketer. because I have already seen huge differences between marketers and self advertising. some people don't know how to do it well some do. but he is correct retention is horrible, but in the end if you can afford 50 bucks a month why...
  19. SonicNebula

    Video Research Backlinks? Video advertisments

    wow old post no answer. yes to promote content. I have used a little. however, I need more videos more content more artists before I do it again. or else there is no benefit. Rule of thumb some say 30. But I say 100 or more videos, then you can advertise, I would be careful. stay with in a...