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  1. GearVlogz

    Editing Software Hi what do you guys use to edit for Youtube? do you do on your computer or phone?

    I was using Adobe Premiere Elements 15 for my edits but started transitioning to DaVinci resolve 16. Still use Photoshop Elements for my thumbnails and overlays.
  2. GearVlogz

    Life How many cups of coffee/tea do you drink?

    For me about 3-4of these cups. Think it 15-20 oz.
  3. GearVlogz

    YouTube SEO Why does adding a new tag change the Rank of an existing tag?

    Jeffrey, could you show or link some examples of using hashtags in descriptions outside of listing three hashtags at the bottom of the video description. THKS
  4. GearVlogz

    YouTube Question Link adsense account

    Either way, If your goal in part is to earn via being monetized on YouTube you are still going to need an AdSense account and unless you already have the needed 1K subs requirements and needed 4K watch time hours (within a year) You could wait on setting up an account. You may as well take...
  5. GearVlogz

    YouTube Question Link adsense account

    When I applied for my AdSense account I did not have a dedicated website just a Blogger.com account that I could have ad's run on it since Google owns and operates Blogger. So if you are not yet monetized on YouTube and have a blog or website that gets a lot of views then you might want to...
  6. GearVlogz

    Channel Banner Feedback Best app for banner

    I'll have to agree with what @itstom has mentioned. I myself use photoshop elements 15 along with a copy of the YouTube Channel banner template that you can find with a google search. I just took a look at your channel and all I know from what I have seen is your a Travel channel. Consider...
  7. GearVlogz

    YouTube Question What is the target of your Youtube channel?

    I guess you can say my channel is in the automotive niche without the quarter of a million-dollar +Supercar. Eventually, I would like to work with automotive brands to share their message while at the same time show my viewers how things work or how their built.
  8. GearVlogz

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Video comments Translator request

    Would it be possible to add a comments translator feature? When someone leaves a comment on one of my videos and it is not written in my native language I find myself having to highlight the comments>copy it>open a new tab to Google Translate to read the message.
  9. GearVlogz

    Audio Gear What microphone do you use?

    So maybe for outdoor uses the Lavier plugin option for it then?
  10. GearVlogz

    Gear Advice iPad Pro Gen3 f/Mobile editing?s

    Yep, They have these USB-C Hubs that you can get then used for whatever hookups i.e. USB-A, 3.5mm Audio, card reader etc.. My concern is if I cheap out and get the entry-level model will that 64GB be enough?
  11. GearVlogz

    Gear Advice iPad Pro Gen3 f/Mobile editing?s

    Yeah, that was one of the reasons why for my post. After my last content gathering trip to Vegas #SEMA2019 with Aaron. It made me think I need to find ways to lighten up my gear load for projects. After gaining access to the Press/Media center and all that they offered us, for next year...
  12. GearVlogz

    Audio Gear What microphone do you use?

    Is anyone using the Rode Wireless Go? Been thinking about getting a set.
  13. GearVlogz

    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    For me combination of my Canon 80D and my Moto G5+Cell phone with a DJI Osmo 2 gimbal. Been looking at making the switch to a used iPhone 8+ or 10+ If Canon could get a little better to what Sony has been doing lately I'd consider upgrading my 80D.
  14. GearVlogz

    Gear Advice What New Camera should I get?

    What about using one of the latest iPhones?
  15. GearVlogz

    Gear Advice iPad Pro Gen3 f/Mobile editing?s

    Been thinking of saving up to get an iPad Pro Gen3. Is anyone currently using an iPad Pro for video editing? How much storage do you have? I was thinking of getting the 64GB iPad Pro and using an external HDD for importing/exporting files. Also any recommendations for editing s/w on the...
  16. GearVlogz

    Official Post Your Latest Video Here!

    Latest info on hamburger's superchargers at SEMA show 2019 View: https://youtu.be/2Ed06rIx4dQ
  17. GearVlogz

    Subscriber Milestone Just reached 1 Thousand subscribers

    Thanks, Now I'm just stuck in Partnership Program Review Hell. Going on day 52/42 depending on if you count weekend or not. From what I'm hearing it may not be till April 14th before they get around at looking at my channel.
  18. GearVlogz

    Subscriber Milestone Just reached 1 Thousand subscribers

    Thank you, Still waiting for the approval to through. Uggg Starting to get the feeling they are going to move the goal post on me again.
  19. GearVlogz

    Subscriber Milestone Just reached 1 Thousand subscribers

    Like the title states. I just reached one thousand subscribers this morning.