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  1. Eleria83

    TubeBuddy Mobile Suggestion Highlighted numbers of increased likes/views/comments with more details

    Since the new feature is live and we could see exactly the numbers of views, i found out that some videos and likes get highlighted without a change ... that should be fixed i guess
  2. Eleria83

    YouTube Help Category

    Ah sorry so you are asking for help with the decision... tell me more about the different things you want to do? if they are more practical tips, choose how to and style. If you really don’t know, choose people and blogs ... a lot of big youtubers with miced content use people and blogs for...
  3. Eleria83

    YouTube Help Category

    in youtube .. type of video? in youtube .. type of channel (channel settings)? in tubebuddy forum .. user introduction?
  4. Eleria83

    YouTube Question How to improve my youtube channel?

    hi, i try to explain that a little bit search engine optimization (= SEO) watch time click through rate (=CTR) Nr 1: search engine optimization try to use a compelling title which is searchable (think about, what do other people search for) use title and keywords from the title a few times...
  5. Eleria83

    YouTube Help Category

    what exactly do you mean? is this a tubebuddy related question or a "what kind of videos should i do on my youtube channel?"-question?
  6. Eleria83

    Community Channel Mhhh ;-) hey everyone ... this is me and my passion

    User name: Eleria83 Title of introduction: Mhhh ;-) hey everyone ... this is me and my passion Your name/ Alias: Alexandra / Eleria83 ... but call me Alex Where are you from? i am from Austria How did you find TubeBuddy? well, it was a suggestion from other youtubers i like to watch What...
  7. Eleria83

    TubeBuddy Mobile Suggestion Schedule for mobile App

    I do a lot of scheduling, putting out the video on a specific date and time and direktly into one ore more playlists. the browser version of tb can do all i need. (youtube schedule ist not good, cause i have to put the videos after release into a playlist on my own) so what i suggest, is: - see...
  8. Eleria83

    TubeBuddy Suggestion "Subscriber Since" date

    is this a "probalby we can do that" or a "it's not possible"?
  9. Eleria83

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Suggest a better title

    this would be awesome, for the first part of the video title, second part should always be titled from the creator or curator. in the meantime the new SEO-tool should help a lot ;-)
  10. Eleria83

    TubeBuddy Suggestion Pick a winner

    great idea ... upvoted ;-) it would be a more visual way to show the audience
  11. Eleria83

    TubeBuddy Mobile Suggestion Highlighted numbers of increased likes/views/comments with more details

    So, this suggestion deals with the desire to see more details regarding the highlighted increases in numbers. Sometimes it is good to know how much the number has changed since the previous update. Let's assume a video has 1234 views. For example, the next time it is updated, it will say 1342...