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  1. lifeinplastic

    Answered Is Channelytics down? April 5, 2021

    Yeah, my channelytics are not showing up, either.
  2. lifeinplastic

    Video Review Video about a new Ken doll. What can I do to engage viewers?

    Thank you for your feedback. I didn't realize that I was coming across as scripted. I do follow an outline of things that I want to say about the doll. I also talk a bit slowly sometimes because I'm thinking about what to say next. I see what you mean about the transition. I'll try not to use...
  3. lifeinplastic

    Two Truths and a Lie Game

    Wrong. I did a solo trek through Europe in 2008. It think “I’ve been on an airplane” is the lie.
  4. lifeinplastic

    Two Truths and a Lie Game

    I have not been vaccinated for Covid-19 I have sung a duet onstage with a Disney princess I have backpacked through Europe on my own
  5. lifeinplastic

    Gaming What your favorite game?

    I'm stuck on Final Fantasy XV. Haha And Civilization VI
  6. lifeinplastic

    Two Truths and a Lie Game

    Then you haven't broken both arms and legs a week apart.
  7. lifeinplastic

    Two Truths and a Lie Game

    I'm guessing you don't have a job with the highest suicide stats.
  8. lifeinplastic

    Gear Question Need advice on acquiring a new setup - camera and mic

    Awesome, thanks...the Sony a6400 has higher video resolution, but also costs more, so something to consider. My thing is, if I'm going to upgrade, I don't want to have to do it too frequently. So I may as well go with the best available gear.
  9. lifeinplastic

    Thumbnail Feedback Would you click on this thumbnail?

    Thanks. Yeah, the color of "Ken" is part of the brand, so I can't really change that. The background could be more muted. I chose this background because my other thumbnails have similar backgrounds, and I'm trying to stick to a particular aesthetic to have a consistent brand. That said, I have...
  10. lifeinplastic

    Gear Question Need advice on acquiring a new setup - camera and mic

    Thank you for these recommendations. I did some quick searches on each of these. Really great stuff. I'm looking forward to upgrading my setup. Hopefully very soon.
  11. lifeinplastic

    Need Advice trailer or not ?

    Don’t you think it could cannibalize on the views of the actual full length video? I know the idea is to get your viewers excited or give them something to look forward to, but at the same time, people could just say “I’ve seen this” and move on to the next thing...I am, of course, just...
  12. lifeinplastic

    Facebook Facebook Just For My YouTube Channel?

    I’ve had a similar experience. My official Facebook page barely gets any organic reach. I pretty much have to spend money on ads to get impressions on anything I post on the official page. However, through my personal account, I’ve been able to join Facebook groups that are in my niche, so I’ve...
  13. lifeinplastic

    Instagram How can I get my Instagram followers to subscribe?

    It’s very difficult to get people to leave their preferred platform. I have over 5,000 followers on Instagram, and whenever I publish a new video, I post a Story on Instagram to let people know (and put a link to my new video in the bio). However, during the course of 24 hours that the story is...
  14. lifeinplastic

    YouTube Help How often should I upload to get more people to come to my channel?

    It depends on the appetite that your audience has for your videos. For many, it seems that once or twice per week is enough to sustain a channel. There is also the idea that more uploads means more chances of getting discovered. However, you do need to give videos some "breathing room". I seem...
  15. lifeinplastic

    Subscriber Milestone Finally Reached 25,000 subscribers!

    Congratulations! That's something I am aspiring to. If you do stumble upon the magic secret, please share it with me. :laughing:
  16. lifeinplastic

    Official TubeBuddy Title Ladder! (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    I like this Title Ladder...makes me want to keep posting. ;)
  17. lifeinplastic

    Gear Question Need advice on acquiring a new setup - camera and mic

    I'm currently just using my iPhone 12 Pro Max and the built in microphone to film. I edit on an older Mac desktop using Adobe Premiere Pro, and Photoshop for my thumbnails. I told myself early in the process of growing my channel that I would not invest in equipment until I am in the YPP. I've...
  18. lifeinplastic

    YouTube Question Tone of voice, Yelling, not just swearing, can apparently get you age restricted.

    Following this thread. I am usually very calm in my videos, but this is interesting. I have a creator friend whose energy level is 9 or 10 on a scale of 10. I'm going to ask her if she has noticed this in her videos.
  19. lifeinplastic

    Instagram Is networking to grow your channel harmful?

    There's nothing wrong with promoting your videos in Facebook groups specific to your niche. Support groups are okay, as long as the members understand that supporting isn't limited to subscribing. I've joined some Facebook groups where a few members actually watch and comment relevant things on...