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  1. Lee DG

    Forum News 4 Years of Forums Giveaway!

    My fave is thumbnail maker, do think it can be made better as well, also SEO. Keep up the good work guys, youse smash it all day long :) :)
  2. Lee DG

    Gaming Channel PC gamer

    Welcome to the group fella:)
  3. Lee DG

    Gaming Channel Hello, my name is Roudari. (roadie or stagehand in english)

    Welcome to TubeBuddy, there’s loads of fantastic tools here to help you :)
  4. Lee DG

    Gaming Channel My pool side house in Minecraft

    Welcome to TubeBuddy, hope you find all the tools to help you on your journey :)
  5. Lee DG

    Comedy Channel Did you grow up and inspire to be a YouTuber?

    That is absolutely brilliant fella, by the way it wasn’t a jab at you, but loads of people young and older think they’ll be the next pew die pie, I loved video editing when I was younger then never really touched a pc for about 12yr, found it hard to get back in to it. One piece of advice- stick...
  6. Lee DG

    Channel Milestone Channel milestone

    Congratulations, keep it up
  7. Lee DG

    Entertainment Channel Loves relaxation, and looking for fellow minded YouTubers to promote this concept on my channel.

    You will be on to a winner if you can my kids to relax lol, welcome to the group, you’ll find plenty of tools to help you, just got to ask the right questions :)
  8. Lee DG

    Thumbnail Feedback Thumbnsil is important

    Thumbnails are important, also you need to have text in them so people know what they are going to be watching
  9. Lee DG

    Educational Channel Hello Everyone :) I’d like to introduce my channel!

    Really like the attitude you have towards being the best person you can be, and your new name is really unique, welcome to the group and wish you all the luck, loads of helpful tools to help you :)
  10. Lee DG

    Comedy Channel Did you grow up and inspire to be a YouTuber?

    Welcome to the group, this group is awesome, hopefully it’ll help you grow, also I love how people these days think it’s the only way in life :laughing::joy:
  11. Lee DG

    Need Advice Gaining Subscribers

    you just have to produce the content to grow, watch what other people are doing like what you do, and see if you can be different in anyway :)
  12. Lee DG

    YouTube Question How often do you publish vids?

    I try to post 1-3 times a week but with everything going on lately it’s harder as we are in lockdown and I need to try and keep a schedule more consistent for my daughters, than my vids, do what you feel is working best and ask your viewers for their input as it comes to scheduling, time of day...
  13. Lee DG

    Gaming Channel Horror Gaming/Just To Have Fun Channel

    Welcome to the group, hopefully you’ll find the tools and people helpful, I know I have :)
  14. Lee DG

    Channel Milestone 600th Video

    Congrats, you’ve smashed it, I’ve barely hit 40 lol, long road ahead of me o_O
  15. Lee DG

    Gaming Channel Fortnite gamer

    Welcome to TubeBuddy, it’s a great format to help grow your channel, loads of different things to help you do that :)
  16. Lee DG

    Music Channel We Are Nash City!!! ✌

    Hello, welcome to the group :)
  17. Lee DG

    Vlog Channel Greetings to everyone! New here.

    Welcome to the group, you’ll find loads of help and answers :)
  18. Lee DG

    YouTube Question What is the ideal talking speed?

    Mid ramble :laughing:, me to a tee lol, yeah I do need to be more prepared