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  1. mejan gaire

    Answered my commision is not add my affiliate account. So bad huhuhu

    why not add commision in my affiliate program, one people clicked my link and purchased pro version after 2 month ago. but did not receive comission
  2. mejan gaire

    Affiliate Question why not add my affiliate income?

    why not add my affiliate income?
  3. mejan gaire

    Thumbnail Feedback Why Is Important Role In YouTube Videos Of Thumbnails?

    Most People want to best quality youtube videos. so many people want to see the best thumbnail. and they are clicking, and this is part Of SEO. So, thumbnail is Part Of the viewers. and everybody knows about it. Best Thumbnails can help grow views of videos. for example: see this Thumbnail...
  4. mejan gaire

    TubeBuddy Tips can i do make More Views?

    Yes, I Can Do it! First, we can upload videos by youtube studios second, we can use TubeBuddy for SEO.. third, select keywords properly, target keyword is must imp but revalence keyword to be must imp
  5. mejan gaire

    Answered Hey everybody who Know About use Affiliate Link?

    i want to know about use affiliate links. who can help me?
  6. mejan gaire

    Entertainment Channel Hi! I'm Quanna... your movie/tv nerd friend

    how to give youtube link here bro