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  1. Nick Moody

    An alternative Grand National

    View: https://youtu.be/m3qKDe17rCs
  2. Nick Moody

    Video Review Genuine feedback for my iMovie video

    User name: Nick Moody Title of thread: Genuine feedback for my iMovie video Self review: Not really good at video editing. I use iMovie. My video does not come across too professional. Do you think my piece to camera would work better if I’m actually driving my car ? Any feedback appreciated...
  3. Nick Moody

    Educational Channel Talented youtuber

    Welcome aboard
  4. Nick Moody

    Physique….dream vs reality

    Who always aspires to have that dream body but does nothing about it ‍♂️ Sit back and watch this YouTube short video. https://youtube.com/shorts/yZDvYtaJJlI?feature=share
  5. Nick Moody

    Channel Milestone 50,000 views

    Hi everyone. Not being active for many months due to personal reasons but am now starting to get back in to all of my Social Media platforms. This happened to me, not a lot to shout about but am eternally grateful for everyone who has taken the time to view my content. Let’s hope the next 50,000...
  6. Nick Moody

    Funniest (and rudest) Cadbury’s Finger joke

    Well it’s Friday and we could all do with a laugh so why not watch this 30second joke…..or is it a true story View: https://youtu.be/7pNDM6BTGTs
  7. Nick Moody

    A little rant about panic petrol buyers

  8. Nick Moody

    Channel Milestone 45000 Views

    Thanks pal. The thing is it’s a car start up in the night time. A crap video and yet I must have got lucky with the algorithm al my other videos are usually around the 100 mark
  9. Nick Moody

    Latest video and a little change. This time it’s a car detailing product review

    Thanks for that lol. I think to apologise properly you need to subscribe to my channel
  10. Nick Moody

    Channel Milestone 45000 Views

    Took an absolute age and if it wasn’t for one video that got me 38k views I would be sat on a lot lower views. Only have 138 subscribers therefore want tips are most welcome
  11. Nick Moody

    Latest video and a little change. This time it’s a car detailing product review

    Be great for you guys to provide some feedback. Thanks in advance Nick View: https://youtu.be/Q1dsqvvsmiE
  12. Nick Moody

    Subscriber Milestone 500+ Subs feels good!

    Great news, keep going strong
  13. Nick Moody

    Subscriber Milestone Still 130 Subs

    Well a while ago I got to the 130 subscriber mark. I then lost a number of them but am pleased to say I’m back to 130. Hopefully my video content is a little better to ensure it’s an engaging experience for the viewer. Would welcome feedback etc. Have also just done a “short” and they seem to...
  14. Nick Moody

    How-To Channel I want to connect with as many people as possible and want them to remember me in a good way.

    Hi Ajay, welcome to the forums. Looking forward to seeing your channel
  15. Nick Moody

    Lifestyle Channel Cars

    Welcome , great to see another car channel on here. Mine is a mixture of comedy cars