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  1. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips Is it worth it to fake views?

    Even if you get away with fake views, in the end, what return on investment does it give you? None. I mean, wouldn't you rather see the real picture on your channel rather than some lie? Let alone if you ever got caught. You'd have that reputation as a cheater.
  2. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips Community Tab Strategy

    What's your strategy for using the Community tab? Do you even use it at all? Do any of you take advantage of the scheduling posts feature for the Community tab?
  3. Hiking with Shawn

    Need Advice Average View Duration Dropping

    I read in the above comments that your channel isn't a year old yet? Perfect time to start experimenting IMO. Do some A/B testing. Do different styles of videos. See which ones do better and which ones don't. When making a video though, I like to suggest this. Treat like you're writing a book...
  4. Hiking with Shawn

    Need Advice Dormant subscribers

    If the dormant subscribers have channels of their own, I'd just swing over to them and leave a quality comment on their recent few videos to remind them that you're still around :) That could help bring them back!
  5. Hiking with Shawn

    Need Advice What other ways do you monetize without YTPP?

    I am a part of the YouTube Partner Program. However, 95% of my videos are not monetized. It's not YT doing it, it's me. Most of my video are filmed on public land, mainly National Forest land. It is required by law to get a commercial-use permit for commercial filming of any kind. It's $150 per...
  6. Hiking with Shawn

    Other Counting YouTube As a Business

    Pending your tax situation, you can definitely write stuff off if your YouTube is a business. If not, just start saving things to create it into habit. Besides, you can tally up how much you spend each year - I spend A LOT. My channel is a part of my overall brand which has been a registered...
  7. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips Shorts... What are you doing with them?

    I think using any feature of YouTube the best you can is a good idea. YT wants us to use its features. Shorts is a competitor of a few platforms that YouTube wants to outdo so using Shorts might be helpful for your channel reach. But what are you using Shorts for? I'm interesting in what...
  8. Hiking with Shawn

    Video Review What do you think about this video?

    Great video and presentation. The only thing I recommend is to work on the echo in the room you film in. There is an obvious echo. Maybe it can be done by hanging stuff on the wall or through a mic trick. I think if you fix the echo, it would be perfect.
  9. Hiking with Shawn


    Welcome aboard :)
  10. Hiking with Shawn

    Need Advice Hi guys please how can I achieve my 1000 subscribers and 4000 watch hour been on YouTube for a year now still at 164 subscribers

    I think you've set too high of a goal for yourself and it's burning you out in the process. Instead of setting a goal to get to a point to get accepted into the YT Partner Program, with under 200 subscribers, why not set smaller goals to work up to your larger overall goal? Why not try to 300...
  11. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips The $1.80 Strategy for YouTube!

    So, this strategy is something that GaryVee (marketing expert) created for social media, namely Instagram. But I wonder if it could be beneficial for YouTube creators as well. The $1.80 Strategy goes like this: The idea is to find 10 relevant hashtags that you've researched. For YouTube, you...
  12. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube SEO A question about tags

    I've been testing using all the space for tags and just putting in a few that identify the content how it should be presented, taking that advice directly from YT. I've noticed no change in views, likes, engagement, etc. I've done quite a few A/B tests on that, too. Personally, and according...
  13. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips Find your YouTube Niche - A 3-Step Quick Guide!

    I agree with you. I think consistency is important in this modern social world. But I think passion will create consistency for sure. In French: Pardonnez-moi si je dis mal, j'utilise un traducteur ! Je suis d'accord avec toi. Je pense que la cohérence est importante dans ce monde social...
  14. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips Are intros a waste in the video?

    How do you feel about introductions in each video? Do you introduce yourself or the channel? My video structure goes like this: Starts with a hook (teaser footage) 5-second intro with my logo and a disclaimer with a sound file (that I own) Then I say "Howdy folks, Shawn here with Hiking with...
  15. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips YouTube SEO Tips

    Well, it is interesting now that I have searched on it. Some of the big SEO bloggers are saying it will help with SEO. YouTube is effectively a search engine after all, the second biggest next to Google. I learned something new :) and from a forum too! Yay! I'm going to start doing it myself!
  16. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips Find your YouTube Niche - A 3-Step Quick Guide!

    I agree that younger YouTubers or even family YouTubers do better at the "vlog my life" type niche. Better than someone like me, there would be only a few videos of me making a cup of coffee before people would get sick of the same ole same ole lol. So I stick to the hiking stuff. I think it...
  17. Hiking with Shawn

    Camera Gear How many cameras have you gone through?

    I like that right there! Photo and video, way different in terms of what we are looking for.
  18. Hiking with Shawn

    YouTube Tips Find your YouTube Niche - A 3-Step Quick Guide!

    Are you trying to find your YouTube niche or topic you want to post videos about? Are you wondering if you should just choose a topic that is popular and jump into it? In this article, I wanted to help answer this question especially for those of you who are just starting out with YouTube. It...