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  1. The Storm is coming

    Channel Banner Feedback Please give some feedback on my new banner :)

    Really good job. Maybe you could picture yourself between to the to pictures.
  2. The Storm is coming

    Should I show low subscriber counts?

    mm I wouldn't really do it, it show more transparency towards your audience
  3. The Storm is coming

    TubeBuddy How to hide or show subscriber count

    Ain't really useful but no one really cares here so no problem
  4. The Storm is coming

    How-To Channel Hi All, This is Babul, Hope everyone doing well

    Wow really awesome reasons for your accomplishments. May the gods be with you
  5. The Storm is coming

    Need Advice How to lure my views to like my videos?

    Well genuine I will only like people whom the content really speaks to me. But a tip, really go niche with your subject.
  6. The Storm is coming

    YouTube Tips What type of editing style should I use

    Really depends on your style. Some niches I can just watch people sit down and talk because the topic interests me. Find the right pace in your niche and experiment with videos. Short intro, more effects less effects etc..
  7. The Storm is coming

    Need Advice Should I start a new channel or keep the current one with 1.4k subs?

    Mhh I wouldn't do it, let your heart speak. Personally I wouldn't start over again, if it's just for the money I would find another one in your language or another programme.
  8. The Storm is coming

    Need Advice How do I keep a consistent schedule?

    Find something that works for you, have a internal motivation to create videos. Tony robbins or other crap motivational gurus ain't going to help. It sounds cliché but if the only reason is because a motivational speaker said that or you want to be "successful" it may not be for you. But...
  9. The Storm is coming

    How-To Channel The Tallest Blogger and YouTuber

    Can I ask when you start uploading?
  10. The Storm is coming

    Thumbnail Feedback Appreciate Some Feedback Please

    I would say that the thumbnails are a little to small and hard to read, especially on a smartphone. But def a good start
  11. The Storm is coming

    Need Advice Getting views but no subscribers

    No worries man It's just a matter of time
  12. The Storm is coming

    Need Advice External audience

    Of course it is possible you can look it up in the analytics.
  13. The Storm is coming

    Educational Channel Health is Everything ( LeaveMedicine)

    I don't know the purpose but I wouldn't hide the subscribers button. But just my opinion
  14. The Storm is coming

    YouTube Question YouTube chanels that earn most

    Most Channels that are in the Financial industry. Advertisers will pay higher RPM for each 1K views. But I wouldn't focus on that. Most of the people don't make money in the beginning either so... Hope I could help
  15. The Storm is coming

    YouTube Help Time stamp not working on my YouTube Video

    Like legacy said, you need to add a 0:00 in your time stamps. Like intro or something