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  1. KerryAndBerry

    Answered Question for Andrew - TubeBuddy Upgrade For People of Video Conference

    Hey Andrew, this is more of a question for you but if anyone else knows please join in :) On the conference it was mentioned we could get an upgrade for our Tubebuddy licence for 60 days. We’ve actually just started a new youtube channel so will need to buy a different licence for that. When...
  2. KerryAndBerry


    I think it was so quick that I missed that little gem LOL. if I have understood it correctly this is an incredible addition. i used to spend such a long time Pressing on different keywords hoping the school would be good for my channel and very rarely coming out craft one that would be good...
  3. KerryAndBerry


    So this sounds amazing straight away! but.. just wondering if there is finally a way to generate ONLY keywords that are good score for us? As it stands I have to spend ages checking multiple keywords hoping that it’ll tell me the score is good. Why not have a way to pick ONLY those keywords...
  4. KerryAndBerry

    Question Finding Trending Vlog topics

    User name: KerrysWorld Title of thread: Finding Trending Vlog topics Request Type Browser Extension/TubeBuddy Website Tools What browser are you on? FireFox Studio Beta or Studio Classic? Studio Beta What version of TubeBuddy? Latest Is it related to a video? No Explain your issue: Hey is...