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  1. Content with Depi

    YouTube Question Revenue and monetized views disappeared

    I can understand to be lower but zero for so many days while my channel is up on views its something I don't understand I have contacted youtube hope they will help
  2. Content with Depi

    YouTube Question Revenue and monetized views disappeared

    Yes I totally understand this, however how can one day the number of playbacks be over 800 and the other days exactly 0. Fluctuation is normal but 0 for so many days it isn't I think
  3. Content with Depi

    YouTube Question social media

    I don't think it's necessary but I definitely recommend to do so. Depending on what you share Youtube and IG most of the times go together. On youtube you share content 1 2 times a week but on Instagram your followers can see your everyday day and content with you. It's more casual and a great...
  4. Content with Depi

    YouTube Question Revenue and monetized views disappeared

    Hey everyone! I monetized about a month ago and as my revenue has been increasing since then, last night this weird thing happened. On the app the revenue and views chart there is a big gap with 0 revenue and 0 monetized views for several days and the total revenue has dropped to half. Does...
  5. Content with Depi

    YouTube Tips How do I get more subscribers if I can’t show my face?

    I started showing my face after 900 subscribers and my videos ranked pretty well. Just find something you have knowledge of and try to make your videos as interesting as you can
  6. Content with Depi

    Business Channel Hey! Depi here! I teach how to create content and grow on Youtube and Instagram

    User name: Content with Depi Title of introduction: Hey! Depi here! I teach how to create content and grow on Youtube and Instagram Your name/ Alias: Depi Where are you from? How did you find TubeBuddy? From a YouTube video What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Love to know what others...
  7. Content with Depi

    Beauty Channel I’m all about BEAUTY HEALTH AND WELLNESS

    Welcome sweetie ✨ Share your impressions from your first month on YouTube
  8. Content with Depi

    YouTube Resources Tags??

    Tags are the only way to tell youtube what your video is about and define your target audience. OK and description and captios and your title but tags are the number 1.
  9. Content with Depi

    Need Advice Should I create videos on topics that are over saturated on search?

    I think you should search for topics that are trending but make some small differences to add your unique touch and be different. For example one of my most viewed videos is the one I talk about how to save videos on Tik tok. Tik tok is definitely a trend and I created a tutorial video, which is...
  10. Content with Depi

    Vlog Channel I have a passion for travel & videography and I love to share videos on travel, food, lifestyle and everything around New York City from a local persp

    Really live the content of your channel. Photography and traveling have always been my passion. Glad to have you here ✨
  11. Content with Depi

    Educational Channel Mental Health Professional And Fitness Enthusiast!

    Oh really interesting topic! I watched your video how stress affects your body and I think it explains it so clear.Wish you the best and grow fast
  12. Content with Depi

    How-To Channel My channel is cooking show:>♡

    Hello I am new here too! Wish you enjoy the community and find it helpful