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  1. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    Views should definitely get back to normal in January, barring some huge twist of events lol I think people are super anxious and a friend of mine who runs a prepper/survival type of a channel has seen views go up dramatically for reasons mentioned too!
  2. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question Election affecting views?

    I am seeing the same thing. This might go on for some time lol
  3. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question How many videos until I get noticed

    One thing I was taught was to be good story teller and follow a really good trend in the zeitgeist and that will get you noticed far faster than just "more content" My 2c
  4. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question SMS marketing to subscribers

    Has anyone ever tried any SMS marketing to subscribers? I'm thinking about trying one service now that lets a viewer text message to a number and we can now send them messages via text. Does anyone else have any experience with this? good/bad?
  5. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question Tips to prevent burnout

    I always wondered - how do the bigger creators (who put out rapid content after content) go on and on without burning out? I am struggling vastly with this issue so please any tips would be amazing! Now For those well into the 5-figures of subscribers and up, what tends to be your biggest...
  6. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question How to get content ideas from your subscribers

    I typically have a very hard time coming up with ideas for new content and new videos. As my brain gets maxed out lol. I've heard the best way is to simply ask your subscribers to tell you what they'd like to see come from you content-wise. Curious how specifically are you guys asking this from...
  7. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question cross recommending other youtubers

    Does anyone have any experience doing cross recommendations with other youtubers to get traffic for each other? So an example would be to mention to your subscribers to check out another Creator (your friend and their channel) and that friend would do the same for you. I've even done this with...
  8. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question Was YouTube a lot easier in the past?

    Far easier now for content creation. Terribly hard to get views though and the algo is much less forgiving on new creators in my honest opinion. As they say, in the beginning, it was the creator that attracted people and now it's more the content/topic
  9. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question Do you mind negative comments about you and your YT channel? Are you bothered about getting a dislike in your videos?

    You're always going to see some haters, it means you're doing something right :) Those who get no hate probably aren't getting much love either if how I see it
  10. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question Anybody notice this appearing in their analytics in the overview tab

    They track the engagement and if it's high enough for the heat maps say its good, then they push it out to more users it seems
  11. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question Jealous spouse + your content

    To all wives and husbands out there, this may seem like a silly question but how have you persuaded your spouse to feel 100% OK with you putting up content that subscribers may misconstrue as a "hot" or "seductive"? For example, I've always had a hidden passion for dance and have been placing...
  12. oceansofflame

    TubeBuddy I am shy!

    @Beanie Draws is on spot there. I was once shy but the key is to ACT like you are speaking to one person. It's how everyone in the audience feels anyways! lol
  13. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question pushing Merch at subscribers

    Has anyone really pushed hard with their Merch at your fans? I have a friend who bombards their merch on her gaming channel a LOT and claims subs need to be promoted at all the time to buy the Merch. what's been your experience with this? Do fans get overly annoyed if you do it too much?
  14. oceansofflame

    YouTube Opinion The future of creators

    In 5+ years from now, what platform do you think will be the #1 platform for Creators in your opinion? Will it still be Youtube?
  15. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question starting a mailing list - why or why not?

    Gotcha and when you quoted only 1-3% engage in some action, did that specifically mean only 1-3% of subscribers will buy something from those emails? or did that mean only 1-3% will click through a link embedded in the email? Seems low indeed
  16. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question starting a mailing list - why or why not?

    Interesting stats - and appreciate your thoughts! So for me, I actually want to try it for two reasons specifically: 1) I want to be able to email announce to my subscribers when I've uploaded a new video or even right before to get them all excited about it in anticipation of my content. As a...
  17. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question starting a mailing list - why or why not?

    I've always been thinking of starting a mailing list, where I'd collect emails of my viewers. Maybe a link under my video descriptions to an email capture page Has anyone tried this before? Why or why not And secondly what % of Youtube channel subscribers normally will also subscribe to your...
  18. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question best things to put in default description

    Hey guys! As best practice for growth, what is everyone putting in their default description generally? Or do you not use this feature? I like it because it avoids me having to copy/paste for each video upload :-) cheers
  19. oceansofflame

    YouTube Tips best way to optimize thumbnail CTR

    Hey guys, I have seen the best thumbnails have been very curiosity driven images. This is my measure of ensuring thumbnails get a good CTR - always figure out what is the super curiosity factor for your niche. What have been your guys's best strategies for getting the best thumbnail clickthrough?
  20. oceansofflame

    YouTube Question what's everyone's biggest headache on Youtube?

    Very curious - what is everyone else struggling with the very most as a Youtuber? For me, it's really just getting 1k subscribers. UGH even with decent content my friends say is good. Would love to hear others' pains and frustrations as we may all run into the same headaches.