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  1. EplxPro

    Assassins Creed II

    Im really getting into this game. Becoming more fun every day View:
  2. EplxPro

    My Return To Assassin's Creed II

    It has been a few months since the last time I posted a Video about Assassins Creed 2. I did not want to postpone the series but with time not on my side I had to dedicate my time to only one game. Assassins Creed 2 Just so happened to be the game I put on the back burner. But its time to get in...
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    TubeBuddy Tips Scheduling Times

    does this atoumaticly give you a time that would be best?
  4. EplxPro

    TubeBuddy Tips Scheduling Times

    where do you find this page of information??
  5. EplxPro

    YouTube News Post Production Questionnaire

    i am very limited in my knowledge of editing. I normally it goes like this.... (intro) (game) (out) it take about 10 minute if I dont need to cut anything. I also would like to know what do you use to edit and record with. I'm having some issues with my editing software that I might need a change.
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    YouTube News Outtakes As A View Time Booster?

    I have video come up that took 40 mins because of content mess ups in a game. I was going to edit out everything and use it as a bonus video.
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    YouTube News Why does it take forever to get subs?

    Im in the same boat. look at impressions. how many people come to your channel? How man people comment? how many like or dislike? how long do they stay if they do come to the channel? it all adds up.
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    TubeBuddy What's your biggest struggle on YouTube?

    I would say Subscribers, but recently I've been looking more at my audience retention and how that audience got to my channel. I have 8.0K impressions, 4.3% YT recommending my content with a 1.1% click rate. I trying to find out how to get more people in and make them say.
  9. EplxPro

    Last Gameplay Episode of Dishonored

    What a fun time its been bringing this content to youtube. there is not much left for me today besides the good ending which will be tomorrow. This was fun and sad to see it go. View:
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    Dishonored The Loyalists

  11. EplxPro

    Official Click Through Rate Was Released!

    Mine is not really all that great.
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    YouTube News Is SEO worth my time?

    I run a gaming channel I try and Make the best videos as I can. Sometimes my videos get 0 views even with me ranking in SEO. Sometimes I Feel that the SEO does not work. How should I keep trying and Tagging or should I just stop doing it?
  13. EplxPro

    YouTube News Gaming With Cam

    Would you rather watch a Gamer with or without a cam displayed?
  14. EplxPro

    YouTube News Please join the poll and make sure your position.!

    cough cough yea I might get about 30 to 100 a day :)
  15. EplxPro

    Official YouTube testing a few new features. Thoughts?

    How would this auto-generated thumbnail work with gamers? That's My big question. Its not like there computer is 100% knowing of what is going on in the video.
  16. EplxPro

    YouTube News why is it difficult to get sub?

    I love these Ideas. My only problem is branching out and Unknowing what to do.
  17. EplxPro

    YouTube News How long does it take to reach 100 subscribers?

    if your me its 50 years "Counts on fingers" yep for me 50 years.
  18. EplxPro

    YouTube News Hiding subs

    I never thought about it that way. I was just hiding the fact that I had only 20 subs and maybe trying to run away from that.
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    YouTube News How long will it take to make 5000 Followers?

    Well if its me that will be 50 years from now
  20. EplxPro

    YouTube News Hiding subs

    what does everyone think about Hiding your sub count?