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    YouTube Question almost there but not there!

    hi everyone, i am almost at 4000 hours but only have 230 subscribers:confused: what i am i doing wrong? people are engaging as they are liking the videos also commenting! but not subscribing! i have over 180k total channel views. any advice?

    Thumbnail Feedback 2 new designs for an old thumbnail. Which one do you prefer?

    The second one for sure, when I am watching youtube videos, I tend to click on the thumbnails that are more mysterious with no text even if I am not interested in that subject. So the second one of your thumbnails is the one that's more appealing plus the outlines really stands out

    Opinion YouTube Influencers

    Thanks @Stanley Orchard, for taking time to explain it all, I think micro influencers will be a better bet for my product. @Nl Dreams, if your in the UK that's should be fine! Might hit you up soon!

    Opinion YouTube Influencers

    Hi, everyone. Just wanted to see what everyone thinks. I have been developing a product for some time. I wanted to see if I can get a launch boost from youtubers? Iv seen youtubers mentioning products that got sent to them. Now I do believe in my product. How should I approach them? Is Payment...

    YouTube Help Is it worth it to keep going?

    Hello, its true what everyone is saying, 13 videos aint gonna cut it. You need 100 plus maybe more! dont focus on the numbers focus on what you love doing! I have 91 subs may seem small but its massive, you have 31 thats something! as you post more you see that double or triple! keep up the good...

    Need Advice should i keep the 2 niches seperate?

    Hi, everyone. just looking for some advice on which way i should go. Right now my channel focuses on mobile phone related information like reviews and answers. Iv had over 8k views on just one video based on a key word which people where searching but these high number of daily views will only...

    Subscriber Milestone 90 subscribers

    Well done! Next aim is 100. I am at 87 at the moment!

    YouTube Opinion Got hold of something unique

    Thanks all for the reply. The niche I am in, is the same niche this big YouTuber is in. And usually he follows trend subjects, I usually try to do the same. should I keep a eye on what subjects he posts and then make similar videos to his subject, so I can get suggested? My target audience is...

    YouTube Opinion Got hold of something unique

    Hi there. just wanted some advice. I am a tech channel, who reviews tech ect. Recently i was able to get hold of a item belonging to a famous youtuber in my niche (he has 4M subs and a massive following) just want to know how should i title and seo this video so it has massive growth? Any advice...
  10. MR TECH YT

    Answered Keyword Explorer

    Hi, just wanted to know. When I put one key word in why does it show very good then when I add additional words it goes to poor. For example if I type IPhone restoration it shows good but then I type Iphone restoration 2020 it shows poor? Dont the first two words count anymore but the full...
  11. MR TECH YT

    Channel Review I have views but low engagement and watch time.. help!?

    Hello Maridanee. I think engagement comes with growth, if a big YouTuber posts anything (meaningful or not) there is loads of comments and engagement, but not the same for small youtubers, but that's not it, I think the audience needs to get to know your a lot before engagement, they need to...
  12. MR TECH YT

    Mobile Gear does anyone else use their regular phone to record videos, what do you use for good liting,

    Yes! I am a tech channel and have business that deals with a lot of tech! Therefore I have acess to some really good cameras! But I use my phone still, firstly becouse it's fast to setup and get shooting right way. Sometimes can't be motivated to shoot a video becouse of the fear of getting the...
  13. MR TECH YT

    App for cartoon portrait

    Hi, I wanted to make a profile picture for my youtube channel. I wanted to know if there is any app anyone used to achieve image like the one attached, any app that can take a photo and output a image like that (please find image attached.) don't mind paid or free
  14. MR TECH YT

    Answered Private video in tubebuddy app?

    Hi, recently in the tubebuddy app at the botton of my video lists it shows a private video, when i click on this it goes to youtube home page, i checked my youtube videos section on my laptop and there is no private video, is this a tubebuddy app glitch? or have a done something wrong? Please...
  15. MR TECH YT

    Channel Milestone 300 Subs +2 products to review for free. ;)

    congrats Mario, checked your channel out! nice content! Usful information on there specialy for us video makers!