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  1. MICK

    Thumbnail Feedback Which Thumbnail is Better?

    I think the first one, because of its good quality. the resolution is better
  2. MICK

    YouTube News Christmas content?

    Well, that interesting from @Brave Starr but @Cheche004 if you to do something then I suggest you sing Christmas songs and post them.
  3. MICK

    Other Christmas is coming

    Yes, it is coming, I have created music videos on that on my channel. I love it when getting to the Christmas season.
  4. MICK

    Music What's your favorite Music from Youtube Audio Collection?

    My channel seeks to create ambient, relaxing, and peaceful music videos with motivational quotes. So my best genre are these on youtube audio library
  5. MICK

    Food Favorite nonalcoholic drink?

    Cocoa drink very delicious
  6. MICK

    Editing Software What is your favorite video editing app?

    I think Filmora9 because it is easy to use and accomplishes a lot
  7. MICK

    Food So what's your favorite food?

    What favorite food, will vary depending on the location or country. My favorite food is Fufu and goat meat soup. (Ghanaian food)
  8. MICK

    Gaming What is your favorite game?

    My favorite game pes20. very interesting to play
  9. MICK

    Need Advice How Do You Speak To The Camera?

    If you are recording the video from your computer webcam, then you should look at the webcam rather than the computer screen. And I think you record some seconds and get the check the mistakes before loading on your channel. Thank you. I am sorry for that but it will be better someday.
  10. MICK

    Official TubeBuddy Title Ladder! (Earn a FREE TubeBuddy Upgrade)

    Wao such an amazing idea. I don't know how and where to start Thank you.