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  1. acfmandarin

    Other Social Media What do you guys prefer?

    Depends on your target audience, the age range of group and location.
  2. acfmandarin

    Educational Channel Hello from Australia!

    Hello~ welcome to the forum :)
  3. acfmandarin

    Need Advice is there a legal way to get the 4000 hours ?

    Well said ~ totally agreed.
  4. acfmandarin

    Need Advice Buying subs and watch hours

    Don't buy the sub and views as it will ruin your opportunity to let youtube to recommend your channel to target group.
  5. acfmandarin

    YouTube Tips Subscribers tip

    Produce more quality videos, make sure your SEO is hit the top, frequently manage your channel and reply comments~
  6. acfmandarin

    Facebook Does Facebook page helps to grow channel?

    100% helpful! I would say 90% of my subscribers from Facebook group and it is a great platform to introduce your channel.
  7. acfmandarin

    Editing Software Sharing a free subtitle editor that we use

    Any free substitle editor for Chinese words?
  8. acfmandarin

    YouTube Tips The TOP 3 Things To Improve Your Channel

    Appreciated it! I will continue to learn and grow my channel.
  9. acfmandarin

    Educational Channel Learn Basic and Useful Chinese/Mandarin in Spanish or English

    你好 Ni Hao! User name: acfmandarin Title of introduction: Learn Basic and Useful Chinese/Mandarin in Spanish or English Your name/ Alias: En How did you find TubeBuddy? Online What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? The tool is very practical and helpful. What would you like to accomplish with...
  10. acfmandarin

    Answered Tags in Title & Description (SEO)

    Have you ever come across with insert your keywords in your video title, description (first line) and tag but SEO still shows that 15/20 for Tags in Title & Description?