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  1. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion You tube depression

    You’re welcome, just remember it’s not worth getting depressed over YouTube numbers, I wish you well with your channel :):party:
  2. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Question Question about longer videos and retention

    Hey there, by my understanding, and having spent a considerable amount of time on my analytics, the views and watch time are obviously separate metrics, but each one works on their own, meaning the view count is just a view count, and the watch hours accumulate watch hours. I’m in my analytics...
  3. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion You tube depression

    Hey there you’re definitely not alone in this whole world of cracking YouTube, many creators strive for that golden sweet spot (whatever it happens to be for each), but so many take the journey in the wrong ways, which is almost always trying to get to that 1k subs and 4k watch time milestone...
  4. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Help Someone is trying to get my channel BANNED! I need your HELP PLEASE !!!

    Geez I hope this can be resolved soon, that’s quite frightening that scammers can add channels to dodgy click farm looking sites like that, I’ve got all my content backed up just in case things like this do occur (knock on wood), and if anyone hasn’t backed up their work, you’d better do it!
  5. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Help End Screen Backgrounds

    Hey there, yeah sadly as @SILTHW pointed out, there’s no other way other than what was said, but having said that, I wouldn’t even change the end screens on all the videos, leaving older content as it is shows what we once had and how our content has changed over the course of creating :) just...
  6. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Question small youtube channel vs big youtubechannel

    Greatest analogy I’ve seen, sadly us small players have to really get stuck into making a place for ourselves in the world of YouTube, some do hit a lucky note, generally for many it takes time and loads of uploading, as well as learning, lots of learning!
  7. Damo’s Paintings

    What's the average time you can reach 1k subscribers?

    1k subs is a great milestone, but it shouldn’t be the sole focus, I’ve been at my channel building it up and managed to get to 190, making the 1k sub milestone much more distant than I expected, but does that bother me? Not at all! My passion for art has driven me to build up my channel, and...
  8. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion can you please tell me how much time it took to complete 4000 watch time

    Hey there good thread, it’s a huge battle to get that 1k 4k milestone, I’ve been at it for a year now and all I’ve managed to build up is about 138 hours, the struggle is real, but none of that bothers me, I’m having fun with my channel :blush:
  9. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Question Do you mind negative comments about you and your YT channel? Are you bothered about getting a dislike in your videos?

    Hey there, in my own thoughts, unless the comment contains hate speech, or anything that suggests bodily harm or anything disgusting like that, then you can leave it up, a lot of channels I follow, small and big, typically leave these kinds of comments on, generally with an appropriate reply...
  10. Damo’s Paintings

    Life Weird stuff your kid/infant does

    Yep that’s the song, she’s also gotten into more 80s stuff, Kenny Loggins Danger Zone is another one she enjoys, Debbie Harry I Want That Man is on there too, but play modern music and she ain’t interested!
  11. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion Making It Fun Should Be One Of Your Goals

    Excellent post @Brave Starr, unfortunately so many creators are trying to see the pot of gold at the end of the rainbow, often without considering the length of said rainbow, so many of these new creators are treating YouTube like another get rich quick scheme, just because they saw some dudes...
  12. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion youtube is cool

    YouTube isn’t perfect, but it’s still cool :cool:
  13. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Question Valentine’s Day Uploads!

    I took part in a cocktail challenge, making a Valentine’s Day themed cocktail on video, I may do another one too :blush:
  14. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Opinion #Shorts in a Nutshell

    Excellent write up, I’ve been experimenting with shorts videos for quite some time, and definitely kept them all on topic with my regular content, or as on topic as I possibly can, like posting a teaser of what’s coming up, or shortening a regular video I did, or putting out a short message...
  15. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Help I recently started getting suggested by youtube, I dont know what to do

    Hey man, well that’s awesome you’re getting that from YouTube, but what you want to do is go into your analytics and see which videos are pulling the views and getting as close to 100% audience retention, and getting a nice amount of CTR, then keep making content based on that, that’s it in...
  16. Damo’s Paintings

    YouTube Question YouTube Shorts

    We all want views and subscribers, that can’t be denied, but as pointed out by @Damon, if that’s all we focus on, nothing will come from it (or something like that), when was the last time you furiously looked for something you really needed, like the car keys, only to NOT find it? Well it’s...
  17. Damo’s Paintings

    The forever truth

    No, well not now, just finished a cosmopolitan :blush: Would you take a Ferrari to it’s top speed?
  18. Damo’s Paintings

    Your New youtube channel name will be

    Navy blue banana :laughing: :laughing:
  19. Damo’s Paintings

    Who Can Post Last?

    Ahem :laughing: That’ll be me now :sun:
  20. Damo’s Paintings

    Video Research As a new YouTuber what are your struggles?

    Mine is mainly just finding the time to film and make content, and trying to get weekly content posted.