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  1. MisterRowell

    Need Advice Will they Monetize the video even if I'm not? (Copyright Question)

    Hello . Noobie question here: I'm not planning on ever monetizing my channel or content but if I have say a Star Wars gaming video (with commentary and whatnot) that gets a copyright spanking because of the Theme Music... will the owner/company be able to monetize the video (therefore enabling...
  2. MisterRowell

    Gaming world!

    Any Star Wars The Old Republic fans? Imma noob but loving the game so far. :p
  3. MisterRowell

    Gaming Channel I Identify as The Fat Jedi... (or a Derp... depends on the day lol)

    User name: MisterRowell Title of introduction: I Identify as The Fat Jedi... (or a Derp... depends on the day lol) Your name/ Alias: Mister Rowell Where are you from? Oregon How did you find TubeBuddy? Youtube Add What made you join the TubeBuddy forums? Curiosity What would you like to...
  4. MisterRowell

    YouTube Tips Is a stupid face on your thumbnail necessary to get lots of clicks?

    I think if the stupid face is genuinely related to the thumbnail content or video, or if like me you were just born with a stupid face (HAHA honestly though, I'm just a goofball IRL so the goofy face thing fits my personality) then it's cool/fun/funny/whatever.... but if like most it's...