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  1. Chrissie

    What did people find worked at the beginning or working right now

    To be clear this question is directed at small YouTubers for what works now and small / big YouTubers for for what worked at the beginning. I just wanted to know what kind of content gained a small increase in subscribers. I'm not looking for a video 'that gained loads and loads of...
  2. Chrissie

    Audio Gear YETI mic

    You say to mute the camera Mic but can't I just mute the camera mic in the video editing software ?
  3. Chrissie

    Audio Gear YETI mic

    Hello I bought A YETI mic today for better sounding audio. However I want it really for my Camera and not my Mac to make content with. I did speak to an expert in a shop and he said with editing software I can record the audio separately with the mic and align it with the video from my camera in...
  4. Chrissie

    Official How do I promote in the "Promote Yourself" Section - Get Your TubeBuddy Forum Badge

    Am I eligible yet I am an active user and have posted several screen shots in this thread ?
  5. Chrissie

    YouTube Help Movie Review Set Up advice

    First of all thank you to everyone who has been giving me advice in my other feeds. People are really helpful. Today I want to discuss a strategy change now to a new niche where I review a movie. How would I go about doing this? To clarify I specifically I mean to review the movie as it is...
  6. Chrissie

    Why just getting one subscriber is difficult?

    Hey yea I know. I mean I have paid countless times for Google and Facebook Advertising and all of ever got me was about 30 subs . It's not worth the money it becomes too expensive.
  7. Chrissie

    Why just getting one subscriber is difficult?

    Thank you for the above advice from Simple Words Sonal . And thank you Stanley Orchard very incitful and helpful. I will definitely apply this to my next video. A new strategy gives me hope.
  8. Chrissie

    Why just getting one subscriber is difficult?

    Hello from experience did anyone have trouble just getting one subscriber over a period of time (either before you had a healthy number of subscribers or for people right now trying to gain a following)? Is part of it content based, part not being discoverable, part not using the best tools at...
  9. Chrissie

    How-To Channel Entertaining How To channel partner

    User name: Chrissie Title: Entertaining How To channel partner Age: 20-35 Type of collaboration: Hi would like to collaborate with a channel partner and creating entertaining lifestyle and social videos and How To content. All ideas welcome. Amount of Subscribers: 133 Ways to contact you...
  10. Chrissie

    Audio Gear Microphone Advice?

    It's very difficult my channel overall doesn't get any attention so would getting better audio really make a difference ?
  11. Chrissie

    Audio Gear Microphone Advice?

    No I don't know what to get for my zv-1 . Can I use a blue yeti mic for the camera ?
  12. Chrissie

    Audio Gear Microphone Advice?

    Thanks for all your help guys. S
  13. Chrissie

    Answered General help with TubeBuddy

    I am really not sure what the best concept is to improve views on videos. I follow the advice of each video given by TubeBuddy however this has not had much impact on content views or subscribers. I also try to change the headline title every so often to refresh the video in the search results...
  14. Chrissie

    Audio Gear Microphone Advice?

    Ive been told several times to change the external mic for my videos. But I'm not sure what to get? Some people have said to get the Yeti microphones, but I'm sure these are for computers. I need one for my recordings. The video camera I use is the latest Sony ZV-1. I have bought an external...
  15. Chrissie

    Answered Do tags stop doing their job in the end?

    So I have utilised TubeBuddy and tried to use tags (after sifting through weighted and unweighted jargon) relevant to my videos and would gain more results. This may have worked to some degree, however its been about a week now and my youtube has stalled once more and none of my content is...
  16. Chrissie

    Need Advice Channel Tags Advice?

    And would you both say channel tags are just as helpful at drawing an audience to your YouTube as as well as individual video tags?
  17. Chrissie

    Need Advice Channel Tags Advice?

    So I have optimised tags for individual videos but there is no TubeBuddy assist when I go to channel tags. Should I change the tags on my channel and if so what tags are best to describe a channel to draw more people to it. Thanks very much.