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  1. Bod68

    Video Review Please Review My Travel Vlog Style Video

    Well shot and music is relevant but it seemed too short and the end part was just waiting for the video to finish. We all learn though- If I look back at mine I'm so critical and hate them TBH! lol
  2. Bod68

    Need Advice Best hashtags for youtube videos

    Use Tubebuddy like I do. Certainly gives me another level of choice.
  3. Bod68

    YouTube Help How to get 1000 subscribers

    We're all in the same boat I'm afraid... unless it's "niche" it will always be hard to achieve. I have 153 (which I'm happy with) but obviously everyone wants the 1,000 so they can monetise.
  4. Bod68

    YouTube Help I'm getting blackmailed by a hacker group and falsely copyright strike on my YouTube channel. What do I do?

    You Tube don't really care about anything in my opinion! My son was logged in as me watching videos the other week and pressed what he thought was a subscribe button but donated to Unicef instead (to the sum of £55). He came clean and said it was a mistake so I tried to get the money back as it...
  5. Bod68

    Vlog Channel Never give up,you can do it

    Good luck. Channel looks good! I just subscribed to your channel as well :cool:
  6. Bod68

    Lifestyle Channel Hi all, Joao here. Father/Marketer and trying to learn as much as I can about Youtube

    Welcome to the forums Joao, don't forget to ask the experts ;)
  7. Bod68

    Need Advice SHORTS and how I can maximise them?

    Not totally sure. Perhaps Santa Ponsa is coming up in searches and it's a popular place atm. Thing is I have no speech and my lens was set to fish eye which isn't ideal. Perhaps I need to do the lottery to maximise my luck? :rolleyes:
  8. Bod68

    What’s the best camera to start with?

    I'm using a GoPro 10. Love it and have just invested in the Media module.
  9. Bod68

    Need Advice SHORTS and how I can maximise them?

    Hi everyone. So I've been editing and uploading a few videos now and getting a bit of interaction. All good- I am now thinking of doing some SHORTS. My issue is I have not kept the original video so my question is can I upload a SHORT from the video I have uploaded to You Tube and how? Any...
  10. Bod68

    YouTube Question I PASSED YPP REVIEW!omgggg

    Congratulations! :party::party::party:
  11. Bod68

    YouTube Question is starting out on youtube supposed to be this hard?!

    It is being confident enough to forget what you sound like and think what other people perceive you as; everyone says I sound fine- but I tend to disagree... On my recent vlogs I feel everyone is watching me when I'm vlogging; I then stop videoing and don't maximise the situation. Only after I...
  12. Bod68

    Lifestyle Channel Mummy/Author/Creative/Unpaid Carer/Web Coder

    If it were that easy we would all have thousands I guess :joy: when your busy with a full time job it's a lot harder as well. Editing it well and making it appear attractive to people is a real art!
  13. Bod68

    Lifestyle Channel Mummy/Author/Creative/Unpaid Carer/Web Coder

    Subscribed to your channel. Looks good :rolleyes:
  14. Bod68

    YouTube Question is starting out on youtube supposed to be this hard?!

    This is my biggest problem- my voice is horrible and makes me cringe! lol NO idea how to get over this... lol
  15. Bod68

    Lifestyle Channel Hi all, I am a mother and wife that likes to cook

    Just subscribed. Looks a nice channel! Well done :)
  16. Bod68

    YouTube Question is starting out on youtube supposed to be this hard?!

    I am just starting out and finding it hard to balance not spamming the channel or flooding pages. I'm guessing it's more for memories and family and friends to look at but obviously I would love it to be popular. Tips are always welcome! I'm learning big titme. I'm also a little camera shy and...