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  1. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Can putting your name in the tags section of your video rank your video?

    So I searched up my name (Josh Tan) on youtube to see if my video shows below my channel when ever I upload. It was for the first few hours then it drops. Showing the tag "Josh Tan" was rank number "27". My question its... should I stop putting my channel name in the tag section BECAUSE of the...
  2. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion What do you do if your channel is not growing?

    I'm having trouble growing my channel. MY views started dropping and subscribers growing slower than ever.
  3. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Will switching content kills your channel?

    Back in the day i like to mix my contents (e.g. Vlogging, tutorials, unboxing, etc.) I made it to 1k subscribers because of 2d intro design. Then i decided to turn it into a gaming channel and my views drop rapidly. How about yours did it happened the same thing?
  4. Josh Tan

    TubeBuddy Tips Optimize a YouTube Video for beginners!

    Thanks to tubebuddy sponsor I'm able to optimize my video once a week.
  5. Josh Tan

    Community Please share examples of your intro graphics.

    I have lots of animated intro using my mobile phone but it is a 2d intro.
  6. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Do you prefer an editor or self edit?

    I'm planning on getting an editor but having personal information exposed is risky. What do youthink?
  7. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Is putting emojis on your video title helps?

    At first i think it would catch peoples eyes but now im thinking that your video will be hidden from the youtube algorithm.
  8. Josh Tan

    YouTube Question How long does it takes for your channel to be on the first search?

    So I put tags on my channel to be the first search on youtube(Josh Tan). I'm wondering how long does it takes until your channel shows up? someone named "Josh Tan - TheAstuteParent" why can't my channel be on the first search(Josh Tan)?
  9. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Have you been uploading following your schedule?

    I've been uploading once a week and eventually it's going pretty well...
  10. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Are you planning to monetize your channel?

    In the beginning when i started youtube. I did for fun like I mentioned but people told me that my channel look too professionally made. After sometime I realize that I deserve it for the hard work.
  11. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Have you gotten any attention this year 2020?

    I have a lot of attentions this year.. my watch time increases after watching some Tubebuddy tutorial and hack videos. How about you?
  12. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion How long does it take to create thumbnail?

    For my thumbnail... it would probably took an hour. Plus I have a template of mine which would probably took 20 mins
  13. Josh Tan

    Music Channel Good at singing

    Filipino gang... I'm half Filipino ;P WELCOME!!
  14. Josh Tan

    YouTube Question Can live streaming gives you watch hours?

    So... I started live streaming for hours. Do you think the watch time will increase?
  15. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Would you risk changing your channel name?

    In my theory if you change your channel name its hard for you to get noticed from new comers.
  16. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Are you a cheap or an expensive youtuber?

    Me... my Youtube channel may look average but it was cheap. no expensive face cam(moms phone)... no expensive equipments. How about you?
  17. Josh Tan

    Gaming Channel Epic Gamer

    Welcome to Tubebuddy my friend you can succeed your dream here ;D
  18. Josh Tan

    YouTube Opinion Have you ever felt lost in ideas?

    I'm a gamer so there's countless of ideas but it has to a specific content where my viewers would love watching but eventually I ran out of ideas.